How To Watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus?

Does Discovery Plus have Trixie Motel? Yes! It has! You can watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus after subscribing to a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

The US content library of Discovery Plus is restricted to the US exclusively because of content licensing issues and geo-restrictions. Therefore to unblock Discovery+ US library in Canada, you need a VPN.

The plot of Trixie Motel is very interesting. Get ready to watch the Drag superstar, Trixie Motel enlarging her empire. Together with her boyfriend, she is transforming an old place into a new drag paradise.

Let’s board the ride and explore our guide to Trixie Motel streaming in Canada with ExpressVPN.

How To Watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus – [5 Easy Steps]

Here’s how to watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus. Follow the given simple steps to stream the show.

  1. Subscribe to a credible VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app and log in.
  3. Connect to the recommended server like New York server.
  4. Navigate to the Discovery Plus official website and log in.
  5. Search and watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus!
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Where Can I Watch Trixie Motel?

What channel is Trixie Motel on? You can watch Trixie Motel on the Discovery+

In order to watch the show, you need an active subscription to the platform. If you don’t have one, check out the Discovery Plus cost here to get started.

Additionally, you need to use a trustworthy VPN for Discovery Plus like ExpressVPN. Using a VPN, you can easily enjoy Trixie Motel streaming online!

You may watch blockbuster movies and famous shows on Discovery+ besides watching Trixie Motel, and waiting for fresh episodes to pop on the screen. For instance, watch Gold Rush Parker’s Trail, Keyshia Cole: This is My Story, or other highly acclaimed titles that Discovery Plus offers.

Now that you know where to watch Trixie Motel, refer to the next heading to find out about the free trial.

What is the Release Date of Trixie Motel on Discovery+?

3rd June 2022 was the Trixie Motel release date.

The first season of the one of its kind show was released on Friday, 3rd June, at 3:00 pm ET/ 12:00 pm PT on Discovery Plus Network. Desert Palms Motel, Palm Springs California is the venue where this show was shot.

Can I Watch Trixie Motel Free on Discovery+?

Yes, you can watch Trixie Motel free after getting the Discovery+ free trial. The free trial allows you to explore Discovery Plus unlimitedly for 7 days.

But remember, you get the free trial only when you visit the website for the first time, and once the free trial ends, you must subscribe to a paid plan to continue watching Discovery Plus.

What is the Plot of Trixie Motel?

The plot of Trixie Motel is quite interesting. Based upon a creative idea, Trixie Mattel’s drag persona, and her plan to expand her kingdom, the show becomes a hot cake that shouldn’t be missed.

Trixie Motel is a reality TV show. Trixie Mattel, a famous drag queen, and her boyfriend, David Silver, will be seen buying a deserted and rundown motel. Realizing the enormous challenges, such as plenty of work while renovating, they still decide to go with the purchase, transforming this place into a go-to place for drag fans.

The last part of the show showcases Trixie and David opening the motel for drag followers. You will witness a rundown motel being renovated and upgraded to a colorful, kitschy, welcoming place, dominated much by Trixie’s drag persona.

Who are the Cast Members of Trixie Motel?

Here’s the Trixie Motel cast enlisted in the table below. Watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus to witness these spectacular participants and their powerful presence on screen.

Participant Intro
Trixie Mattel Host, Executive producer
David Silver Host, Executive Producer
Dani Dazey Friend, Interior Designer
Brandom Lim Friend, Handyman
David Rios Friend, Contractor
Drew Scott Guest Star
Jonathan Scott Guest Star
Ketty Perry Guest Star
Katya Drag Queen
Michelle Visage Guest Star
Emily Hampshire Drag Queen
Nicole Buyer Guest Star
Juno Birch Alien Drag Queen
Leslie Jordan Guest Star
Belinda Carlisle Guest Star

Is There Any Trailer Available For Trixie Motel on Discovery Plus?

Yes! The Trixie Motel trailer is officially available. It’s a fun-filled, full-of-life trailer that starts with a picturesque scene, leading to Trixie’s newly renovated motel with a placard “Grand (almost) Opening.

Watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus trailer here:

How Many Episodes of Trixie Motel are Available?

There are a total of 8 episodes. The table below presents the details of the Trixie Motel on Discovery Plus.

Episode Episode Name Release Date
Episode 1 Pink Flamingo June 3, 2022
Episode 2 Queen of Hearts June 3, 2022
Episode 3 Yeehaw Cowgirl June 10, 2022
Episode 4 Atomic Bombshell June 17, 2022
Episode 5 Flower Power June 24, 2022
Episode 6 Malibu Barbara July 1, 2022
Episode 7 Oh Honeymoon July 8, 2022
Episode 8 Pride Grand Opening July 15, 2022

Episode 1: Pink Flamingo

Episode 1, Pink Flamingo features Trixie and Barbara buying the Desert Palm Motel in Palm Springs California. With much bigger plans, they begin the renovation right after the purchase.

Episode 2: Queen of Hearts

Episode 2 showcases Dani joining them to further continue with the renovation. He’s assisting Trixie and David as interior designer to give the place a kitschy interior.

Episode 3: Yeehaw Cowgirl

This episode features the transformation of one of the rooms into a Western-themed oasis. The bold-colored room is quite impactful, with inspiration from a fellow musician, Orville Peck.

Episode 4: Atomic Bombshell

This episode is about Trixe heading home to meet her family. Meanwhile, another room in the motel is renovated with approval from Alien drag queen Juno Birch.

Episode 5: Flower Power

Like other rooms in the motel, this time, another room’s renovation is due. Flower Power Rom is inspired by Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel.

Episode 6: Malibu Barbara

Malibu Barbara features Leslie Jordan and Belinda Carlisle helping Trixie renovate another room by the name Malibu Barbara.

Episode 7: Oh HoneyMoon

The Oh Honeymoon Suite is the next mission. Jonathan Bennett and Gigi Gorgeous will be assisting Trixie on this renovation and upgradation.

Episode 8: Pride Grand Opening

The final episode features Trixie, Katya, and Emily for the grand opening. They’ll be seen preparing the motel for the grand opening for the customers.

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Trixie Motel


Katya appears in the last episode of Trixie Motel. This episode is called the Pride Grand Opening in which Trixie, Katya, and Emily prepare the mote for a grand opening.

Trixie Motel offers multiple rates. The rate ranges between $550-$750 per night. This doesn’t include taxes and fees. Make sure to connect to ExpressVPN to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

You must be an adult to visit Trixie Motel. It’s an “Adult Only Property”, so remember, kids are not at all allowed in Trixie Motel.

A Huge one! It can be witnessed after Trixie won Season 3 of the All Stars edition of the popular series. And her stardom has seen a massive surge after the show. She is narrated as a successful artist and performer.

Wrap Up

Watch Trixie Motel in Canada on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN if you are a reality TV show fan.

The show was broadcasted on June 3rd, 2023, at 3:00 pm. Trixie Motel is shot in Springs Palm California, and is a treat to watch.

Happy Streaming!