How To Watch Wisting in Canada on BBC iPlayer

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Popular British streaming service BBC iPlayer offers a variety of content. What makes it different from other streaming services is its distinctive fusion of historical comedy and drama but due to geo-restrictions and content licensing issues you might be unable to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada without ExpressVPN that’s why ExpressVPN is needed.

Wisting is 2019 TV series, the story of a smart investigator who manages the unpleasant revelation of a worldwide serial killer network while solving intricate murder cases in a peaceful Norwegian village. Watch Wisting race against the clock to save his family and solve the terrifying puzzles.

Continue reading this guide to learn if can you watch Wisting in Canada on BBC iPlayer? We will also guide you with quick steps to set up ExpressVPN.

How To Watch Wisting In Canada On BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

Here are some quick steps by following you can watch Wisting in Canada on BBC iPlayer. These quick steps are:

  • Purchase a dependable VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Install the VPN on your streaming device and log in.
  • Connect to the UK server, we advise you to use the Docklands server.
  • By going to the website, sign up for BBC iPlayer.
  • Wisting can be easily accessed on BBC iPlayer in Canada.

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Where To Watch Wisting In Canada For Free?

You might be thinking, where can I watch Wisting in Canada? Or is Wisting on BBC iPlayer? The answer is simple. You can watch Wisting in Canada on BBC iPlayer and BBC Four. The ultimate streaming channel where you can get Wisting TV series watch online.

Those who want to stream Wisting on BBC iPlayer free must be searching for BBC iPlayer free trial or promo codes. The platform is free of cost you don’t have to pay any membership fee the only cost you have to bear is the UK TV license fee.

How to delete BBC iPlayer? If that’s your query. It is very simple and only takes a few clicks to delete your account on BBC iPlayer by going to the settings section but we strongly don’t recommend you do that because you can also watch Celebrity Masterchef 18th Series in Canada on BBC iPlayer without spending a single penny.

What is The Release Date of Wisting?

The release date of Wisting is December 28, 2019. The BBC iPlayer makes this compelling series easily accessible for streaming, giving streamers the ability to explore its mysteries whenever it’s convenient for them. Don’t skip this compelling crime drama.

What is The Plot of Wisting?

The crime thriller Wisting plot revolves around the story of Norwegian police officer William Wisting. It skillfully blends family drama with high crime solving, making an exciting story right from the start.

In the course of his challenging murder investigations, he is also required to be a doting dad. The juxtaposition of private and public spaces also brings out a dimension that makes it not just another police show.

Wisting creates suspense and intrigue through well-plotted mysteries that create new questions for streamers with every clue and disclosure. Besides a good mystery show, it is also an emotionally engaging story as far as the main characters are concerned.

Plunge yourself into this enthralling series and follow a tale that weaves together loyalty to one’s own and commitment to professional ethics in a way like no other.

Wisting is an entertaining crime drama that features a team of talented cast who bring forth an intriguing maze of mysteries as well as a multitude of complexities which makes the series an absolute watch for the suspense lovers. The cast of Wisting is mentioned below:

Cast Real Name Character Name
Sven Nordin William Wisting
Mads Ousdal Hammer
Ulrikke Hansen Døvigen Christine Thiis
Thea Green Lundberg Line
Gard B. Eidsvold Frank Robekk
Carrie-Anne Moss FBI Special Agent Maggie Griffin
Mads Sjøgård Pettersen Tommy Kvanter
Irina Eidsvold Tøien Andrea Vetti
Kjersti Sandal Torunn Borg
Thea Sofie Loch Næss Linnea Kaupang
Jonas Strand Gravli Thomas Wisting
Ellen Dorrit Petersen Hanne Kaupang
Fridtjov Såheim Henden
Jon Øigarden Terje Nordbø
Mariann Hole Sissel
Sigurd Myhre Danny Flom
Richie Campbell FBI Special Agent John Bantham
Amy Black Ndiaye Maren
Kirsti Eline Torhaug Madelen Torell
Kyrre Hellum Adrian Stiller
Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa Veronica Rambøl
Odin Waage Tom Kerr
Hallvard Holmen Idar Semmelmann
Gaute Skjegstad Floyd Thue
Kjærsti Odden Skjeldal Mona Mellberg
Stig Henrik Hoff Johannes Norum
Eindride Eidsvold Claes Thancke
Oddgeir Thune Cato Dalen
Louise Tofte Røiri Melina

How Many Episodes of Wisting Are There on BBC iPlayer?

Wisting on BBC iPlayer consists of a total of 02 series, offering streamers with a gripping tale spanning a combined total of 18 episodes. The first series has 10 episodes, while the second has 8. Together, they give streamers a sizable serving of suspenseful family drama and crime-solving content. Here is the episode guide of the show:

Series 1

Episodes Release date
Episode 1 28 Dec 2019
Episode 2 28 Dec 2019
Episode 3 4 Jan 2020
Episode 4 4 Jan 2020
Episode 5 11 Jan 2020
Episode 6 11 Jan 2020
Episode 7 18 Jan 2020
Episode 8 18 Jan 2020
Episode 9 25 Jan 2020
Episode 10 25 Jan 2020

Series 2

Episodes Release date
Episode 1 15 Oct 2022
Episode 2 15 Oct 2022
Episode 3 15 Oct 2022
Episode 4 15 Oct 2022
Episode 5 15 Oct 2022
Episode 6 15 Oct 2022
Episode 7 15 Oct 2022
Episode 8 15 Oct 2022

Is There Any Trailer For Wisting?

Yes, A trailer is available for Wisting. The official trailer provides an enthralling look into the gripping crime thriller, highlighting the interesting plot, endearing characters, and suspenseful mysteries. Don’t forget to check the Wisting reviews after the trailer. Watch the trailer here:

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What Else Can I Watch On BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer has a vast library of British entertainment. You may watch the following intriguing shows and movies on BBC iPlayer in Canada:

Champion World on Fire
Murder Trial Informer
Millie Inbetween Sherlock All Seasons


Jrn Lier Horst, a Norwegian author, created William Wisting, the fictitious investigator in the Wisting series. The Wisting series by J. R. L. Horst, noted for its intriguing mysteries and nuanced characters, is well known for its crime thrillers.

In the rerun of Norway’s most popular crime series to date, Detective William Wisting is confronted by not one, but two serial killers.

In the rerun of Norway’s most popular crime series to date, Detective William Wisting is confronted by not one, but two serial killers. After descending a staircase, they discovered Linnea in her crimson room. But it was too late for Frank; suddenly shooting him, Haglund was killed by Wisting.

Wrap Up

ExpressVPN is the best option to watch Wisting in Canada on BBC iPlayer. You’re only one click away from this engrossing criminal drama thanks to the unstable ExpressVPN’s cutting-edge features, you’re in for a suspense-filled treat.

It’s time to begin your thrilling trip, whether you’re drawn to the intriguing world of Detective William Wisting or simply looking for top-notch crime drama. With ExpressVPN, you can get effortless watch Wisting in Canada on BBC iPlayer. So you can watch the world of mystery and suspense from the convenience of your Canadian location.