BBC iPlayer Free Trial: How to Get it in 2024? [Easy Guide]


BBC iPlayer is well-known as the online center for streaming all of the BBC iPlayer content and stations under one site, and getting a BBC iPlayer free trial can be easy within a few steps. Our article here will discuss everything correlated to BBC iPlayer free trial and how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad Free Trial.

BBC iPlayer is a Video-on-demand platform provided to its viewers by the BBC network. You can watch some very popular TV shows and programs like The Hairy Biker’s Go LocalAmanda & Alan’s Italian JobThe Apprentice S17The Warship: Tour of Duty, Young MasterChef and many more, like this exclusively on BBC iPlayer.

BBC is also home to other BBC stations like BBC One, BBC News, CBBC, BBC Three, and Radio 1. You can stream all the BBC content live or a day after it is broadcasted on BBC iPlayer.

However, BBC iPlayer is United Kingdom’s licensed network which means you can only stream it in the UK region. But if you’re wondering how to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada. You can easily get a BBC iPlayer free trial with the help of ExpressVPN, which is best known for its lightning-fast speed and reliable servers worldwide.

Let’s dig into how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad free trial without wasting time.

How to get BBC iPlayer Free Trial in Canada?

BBC iPlayer, with its amazing content and services, also provides its subscribers with a 30-day BBC iPlayer Free Trial so that you can test their services before fully committing to them.

Following are the steps for BBC iPlayer Free Trial

  1. Get a reliable VPN. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect your device to a UK server. (London is suggested)
  3. Launch your browser and open BBC iPlayer’s official website, and click Sign in.
  4. Click on Register Now.
  5. Select your birth date and click on Next.
  6. Provide the necessary details asked for creating an account.
  7. When done, Click on register to complete your sign-up process.
  8. You will get a confirmation mail to your email confirming the creation of your BBC iPlayer account.
  9. You will now see a message on your BBC iPlayer home screen indicating access to a 30-day BBC iPlayer free trial.
  10. Enjoy your streaming BBC iPlayer movies for free.

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Note: No subscription charges will be deducted before the end of the BBC iPlayer Free Trial period. If you wish to not pay for the service, cancel your BBC iPlayer before the 30- day free trial period ends o save yourself from charges deduction.

You can also access a Redbox free trial and NBC free trial if you want to watch these just for the change.

How do I Sign up for BBC iPlayer on my Computer, Mobile, or Tablet?

If you’re wondering, is BBC iPlayer available on the phone? Yes, You can also access a BBC iPlayer free trial from your mobile devices. You will need to install the application from your mobile’s app store, or you may access it through the Mobile’s browser.

To sign in to your BBC iPlayer account through the website

  1. Get a reputable VPN and Connect to a UK server. (London)
  2. Open the official BBC iPlayer website homepage.
  3. You will see a sign-in option beside the BBC logo in the top corner. Click on it.
  4. Enter your BBC iPlayer account details, like your email address and the password you used when registering.
  5. Select Sign in, you will now be signed in to your account and be able to stream BBC iPlayer shows non-stop.

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To Sign in to your BBC iPlayer account using a Tablet or Mobile application.

  1. Get a VPN subscription and Connect your device to a UK-based server. (London)
  2. Launch your BBC iPlayer application on your Mobile or Tablet devices.
  3. Sign in to your BBC iPlayer account using your account details like a password or Email ID.
  4. You have successfully signed in to your BBC iPlayer account, enjoy and stream however you want.

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What’s BBC iPlayer?

The BBC iPlayer is the on-demand streaming service by BBC Network. It was initially launched in 2007, thus being free to use. All you need is a UK TV license if you are using your TV to stream BBC iPlayer online to sign up for a BBC iPlayer free trial.

You can stream all comedy films to action movies on BBC iPlayer. All of BBC’s TV stations are made available to stream online, and almost all of BBC’s shows are accessible for a limited period right after they air. Additionally, BBC iPlayer provides live shows and exclusive online content while curating programs from BBC Archives.

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is only restricted to UK’s region. You cannot access BBC iPlayer from any other world region, as the site will detect your foreign IP ad immediately block your server. However, with the help of ExpressVPN or any other premium VPN, you can easily access BBC iPlayer Shows and restricted content within a few minutes such as Happy Valley Season 3.

You can simply access BBC iPlayer with a VPN service and take full advantage of BBC iPlayer free trial to get free content. You may always remove your BBC iPlayer account if you are unsatisfied with it or you can try these fixes if your VPN not working with BBC iPlayer.

And if you are having Error Code 01119 on BBC iPlayer we have a detailed guide on its solution.

Is there any Check For a UK TV License?

No, there is no system implemented to determine if you have a UK television license or not. You are merely given a question before you start watching something as a “check.” Simply register for a BBC iPlayer account and choose “yes” when prompted about your television license and now you can access BBC iPlayer on TV.

BBC iPlayer Free Trial – FAQs

You are asked to sign in each time you visit BBC iPlayer because the website cookies are turned off on your device.

If you’re repeatedly seeing this behavior, please examine whether your TV has a firmware or system update. Typically, you can look for updates in your TV’s Settings menu under “system,” “update,” or “firmware.” If you’re unsure, contact the company who made your TV or consult the manual.

Some TV devices may sign out of their users’ accounts due to device storage issues on TV.

It might be occurring to clear out any cached data or information to prevent clogging up of TV device storage. You can always sign back into your account when using BBC iPlayer on your TV device.

Yes. To access BBC iPlayer, you must have a TV license, along with a free TV license. This covers any gadget that you use. Remember that you will still need a television license to watch live TV on almost any channel, TV provider, or streaming service. For BBC iPlayer, no additional license is required. You are already protected if you currently hold a TV License.

If you do not have a BBC account, you cannot access to BBC iPlayer. You must create an account to sign in to watch exclusive programs and TV shows on your Device. A BBC iPlayer account or subscription lets you enjoy their content and some personalized features that only BBC iPlayer allows, like adding your shows and programs to watch later, continuing to watch from where you left off any device and more.


BBC iPlayer is an online live-streaming and VOD service that streams all content like TV shows, Live-shows, News, and any other major entertainment event from all stations of BBC Network. It is a premium Britain streaming service that provides its customers with many reliable features, including a 30-day BBC iPlayer free trial service.

However, BBC iPlayer is not available in any other regions of the world except the UK territory. Still, you can conveniently unlock any geo-restriction with the best VPNs for BBC iPlayer and watch BBC iPlayer on PS5 in Canada.