How to Watch OLN TV Outside Canada in 2022? [Quick Guide]

You may be curious to know “How can you watch OLN TV outside Canada?

OLN TV can be accessed outside Canada using an ExpressVPN service which will help bypass geo-restrictions on OLN TV Abroad.

OLN Canada Channel (Outdoor Life Network TV) airs male-oriented reality shows such as Animals Unscripted, Fail Factory, Fail Army Playlist, Impractical Jokers, and others. This channel also provides sports and OLN news updates. The timing of these shows can be found by visiting the OLN TV schedule. You can find the OLN on Rogers Channel and OLN Channel Bell.

Although OLN TV is only available in Canada, you can watch it from anywhere in the world by using a reputable VPN service. Let us walk you through the steps of obtaining OLN TV outside Canada!


How to Watch OLN TV Outside Canada with a VPN? [Quick Steps]

To watch OLN TV outside Canada, use the ExpressVPN service as described below:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription and install the ExpressVPN App on your device.
  2. Next, connect to a server in Canada (Toronto server is the best choice).
  3. Now, navigate to the OLN website and begin streaming your preferred content.

Why a VPN is Needed to Watch OLN TV Outside Canada?

When you try to stream OLN TV outside Canada, you’ll get an error message, stating that:

This content is not available for viewing outside Canada.

A VPN will assist you in bypassing this error message and streaming OLN TV from anywhere in the world. When you connect to a reputable VPN, you’ll get a new IP address and location while maintaining your privacy and security. The OLN Channel number is HD 593 for Ontario.

Which VPNs are the Best to Watch OLN TV Outside Canada?

We conducted a survey on more than 30 VPNs to find the best VPN services to stream OLN TV outside Canada and we narrowed the list down to just three (ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN). We have compiled information about the best VPN options for you, as well as their main features. Examine it carefully and choose your VPN wisely.

1. ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN for OLN TV Outside Canada

Our top recommendation for unblocking restricted content across the internet is ExpressVPN, the most highly-rated VPN on the market. It is the best VPN service for streaming OLN TV outside Canada because it has elite features and a lightning-fast speed uploading speed of 84.64 Mbps.


Recommended Servers in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

By connecting to one of our Canadian data centers, users can access more than 3,000+ servers in 94 different countries, helping them also to stream History Channel and MHZ Choice outside Canada. Not only that, but ExpressVPN also has a No-log policy, Network lock, Kill switch, Split tunneling, threat manager, and AES 256-Bit encryption. It also offers no DNS leaks, completely securing your private info and online activity from any prying eyes and making you completely invisible.

We tested ExpressVPN on the Toronto server, which turned out to be the best, giving us downloading and uploading speeds of about 89.42 and 84.64 Mbps, respectively, which is quite fast and will allow you to access FX TV & any geo-blocked entertainment content in HD quality.


Furthermore, it offers 24/7 live customer support via email and live chat for any kind of troubleshooting you may encounter. ExpressVPN has a MediaStreamer (a smart DNS tool) feature that allows you to have a VPN on any device that initially doesn’t support it. Although under a single subscription you can have 5 devices connected.

All of this is possible after purchasing ExpressVPN for only CA$ 9.17/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)(Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free). This VPN is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles enabling you to have a wide range of device selections.

2. Surfshark: Affordable VPN to get OLN TV Outside Canada

Surfshark VPN service has quickly gained popularity because of its low subscription prices of CA$ 3.42/mo (US$ 2.49/mo)- Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee and unlimited concurrent connections. It has over 3200 servers worldwide, including more than 120 servers in Canada.


Recommended Servers for Canada: Montreal or Toronto servers.

SurfShark offers you tremendous internet speed for streaming and downloading, improving your everyday internet experience. Along with it, it is fully loaded with some extraordinary features that make it quite unbelievable for its price. And also, it will be the best choice for watching MHz Choice or streaming FuboTV outside Canada.

During our whole operation to test out the best possible VPN, Surfshark on the Toronto server gave us a download speed of about 88.78 Mbps while the upload speed was 54.22 Mbps.


It has features like Clean Web which prevents malware, No Border mode, and Camouflage mode which makes blocked content to be accessible more easily providing you an extra layer of protection that makes you totally undetectable. On top of it features like AES 256-bit encryption with IKEv2, OpenVPN, SmartDNS, No-log policy, and other security features make your data secure and save you from any kind of data breach.

Allowing you unlimited device connection under a single account. All this makes it one of the top choices to watch OLN TV outside of Canada. Moreover, you can easily access Popcornflix and History Channel from anywhere abroad using Surfshark Canadian servers.

3. NordVPN: Largest VPN Network for OLN TV Outside Canada

NordVPN is a highly dependable and credible VPN service that offers the largest server network in comparison to other VPNs. With 5500+ ultra-fast servers all over the world, it has 480+ servers in Canada alone.


Recommended Servers for Canada: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver

The features like Next-generation encryption, strict No-log policy, Threat Manager, Cyber sec, Onion over VPN, Kill switch, and Double VPN (dual encryption) make it one of the top 3 VPN services that ensure your internet and data safety. It’s one of the reasons this VPN is popular all over the internet.

It offers you unlimited bandwidth with 6 devices connected to a single account at the same time. It also has powerful security features like Dark Web Monitor that will notify you of any personal data leak as well as IP masking that makes it difficult for anyone to track you.

Up to 84.55 Mbps download speed and 42.15 Mbps upload speed can be achieved with NordVPN on a Canadian server (Toronto) making it simply one of the best to stream OLN Canada Channel or access TCM Outside Canada.


This VPN is available to you at only CA$ 5.48/mo (US$ 3.99/mo)- Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free for a friend with a 30-day refund policy and 24/7 customer support like above mentioned top VPN services.

Thus with NordVPN, you may also enjoy streaming Pure Flix, and Willow TV outside Canada will be easy access for users.

Which Devices are Supported on OLN TV Outside Canada?

Following are the devices that support OLN TV streaming outside Canada:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox

What can You Watch on OLN TV Outside Canada in 2022?

You can watch a variety of high-quality action, adventure, and reality-based shows that primarily aim at the male audience on OLN TV outside Canada. You can stay up to date on your favorite shows by viewing the OLN TV schedule on the OLN website.

What Best Shows are on OLN TV in 2022?

Some of the OLN TV shows are as follows:

  • Impractical Jokers
  • Storage Wars
  • Fail Army
  • DirtTrax Television
  • Animals Unscripted
  • Fail Factory
  • We heart Animals
  • Haily Dean Mysteries: A Will to Kill
  • Morning show Mysteries: Death by Design
  • Operation Smile
  • Infomercial
  • Love under the Rainbow
  • Hearts of Winter
  • My secret Valentine

FAQs – OLN TV Outside Canada

Yes! You can stream OLN TV outside Canada by using a VPN service like ExpressVPN, which will help you unblock geo-restrictions on OLN TV while prioritizing your security; however, we do not support any illegal activity through the use of a VPN service.

Yes! OLN TV can be accessed from anywhere using a free VPN, but this may jeopardize your security and privacy, so we do not recommend using a free VPN service.

OLN Canada channel primarily caters to men by airing outdoor adventure reality shows such as Impractical Jokers, Fail Factory, Fail Army, and others. You can find OLN on Rogers Channel here.


OLN TV is a fantastic entertainment platform for men that features outdoor adventurous reality shows. The OLN Channel number can be found on the Rogers Channel on the OLN TV official website.

It is, however, only available in Canada. But don’t worry because we’ve provided a quick guide to accessing OLN TV outside Canada using a VPN service, as well as information on the top three VPN services and their extraordinary features.