Is Showtime not working with a VPN? [Guide to Easy Fixes]

Wondering why Showtime not Working with a VPN. Try switching your server, deleting cookies, or upgrading to a better VPN.

Does Showtime work with a VPN? Yes, showtime works perfectly with a VPN, but your VPN must be credible and effective, like ExpressVPN. A VPN helps you get past the geo-blocks by assigning you an IP address based on your chosen server.

Showtime came into existence in 1976, and up till now, it has changed its ownership structure on different occasions. Paramount Media Networks currently own the subscription television network.

Most of Showtime’s programming consists of theatrically released movies, original TV shows, boxing and mixed martial arts fights, sporadic stand-up comedy specials, and made-for-TV films. With a Showtime free trial, you can watch thrillers, horror, and Sci-fi. “Ray Donovan,” “I Love That for You,” and “Shameless” are a few popular shows you can enjoy watching.

Although Showtime has the right to broadcast its services in Canada, you cannot stream the American catalog of  Showtime movies and shows in Canada. To watch Showtime in Canada, a VPN connection plays a significant role in providing you with a pathway to the American library. If you’re facing any problem related to a VPN, this guide is there to help you untangle your issues.


How to Fix when Showtime not working with VPN? [Easy Steps]

Now people often question, why is my Showtime not working? The following headings mention a few ways that can help you fix your VPN issues.

Try Deleting Cookies

It is a very common practice that websites ask visitors to accept cookies. These cookies contain bits of information that help to ensure streamlined web browsing. They contain information related to computer usage and your location as well.

Cookies are not malicious or a threat to your computer. Nonetheless, they contain information about your location, which Showtime can access. So when you accept cookies on Showtime, the channel knows your location, and even though you have a VPN, you cannot access the site. Therefore, is Showtime not Working with a VPN, try deleting your cookies to get started with Showtime with a VPN connection.

Switch to a Different US Server

Using a VPN has become common for media enthusiasts to stream their favorite shows and movies on different streaming sites. Accordingly, streaming services and channels have blocked several IP addresses to counter such practices.

It is quite possible that the US server you choose is identified and blocked by Showtime. It doesn’t necessarily imply that all of your VPN IP addresses have been prohibited just because it has restricted your present IP address.

Each server has a separate unique IP address, so if Showtime has blocked your server, you can switch the server and try connecting to a different server to have a different IP address.

Upgrade to a better VPN

If the above two ways do not fix your issues. Showtime has probably managed to block all the servers of your VPN. Not all the VPNs on the market have good unblocking skills and measures in place to circumvent security in complete secrecy.

The VPN you have might allot you a different IP address that is not restricted or in the channel’s watchlist. However, since you’ve already encountered this trouble and your VPN doesn’t have any safeguards in place to deal with it, the new IP addresses will soon be blocked.

Therefore, you might not be receiving the full experience if you are not using a premium VPN because free VPNs might not have all of the features that paid VPNs provide. You might think about switching to a better one for improved functioning and lag-free streaming.

If Showtime not Working with a VPN upgrading your VPN and choosing a credible VPN like ExpressVPN, which not only provides an effective way of unblocking the channel but also has measures to prevent detection, would be a good decision.

How does Showtime block VPN?

This all starts from a single data piece, your IP address. IP address contains information about your location, for example, the country from where you are streaming the channel. Now imagine so many visitors using the same IP address given by a VPN provider. Doesn’t it sound suspicious? As a single internet can be used by an average of 8 or 10 people.

This may be a problem for inefficient VPNs like yours. Every VPN has a similar business strategy. They need to have more clients than IP addresses to be profitable.

Why is Showtime restricted? Showtime is restricted due to copyright policies that block users from accessing showtime shows/ movies from outside Canada.

Customers are frequently compelled to disclose IPs due to this business strategy. Showtime considers the number of connections originating from the same IP address suspicious when it observes hundreds or thousands of them. It bans it since it is aware that this IP is one that a VPN provides.

Does Showtime still work with VPNs?

Yes, most definitely. Just because the VPN you use is restricted or blacklisted by the channel does not mean that other VPNs are incapable of providing an efficient way of bypassing geographical restrictions.

The VPNs with mechanisms in place to get over Showtime’s VPN-banning tactics are the ones that consistently let you watch Showtime from anywhere in the globe.

Showtime occasionally blocks the IP addresses of every VPN. However, the best VPN to watch Showtime can bypass Showtime’s VPN bans, thanks to this straightforward procedure.

Because cheaper VPNs don’t accomplish this, Showtime will ultimately be able to track down every IP address and stop it. This is the reason why Showtime no longer works with your VPN.


Yes. As long as you are connected with a VPN, you can access Showtime Anytime, anywhere across the globe.

A VPN creates an encrypted connection across your device and the websites you browse. You may safeguard your network and stream in high definition. By linking the service to media consoles such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Playstation, and others, users may also stream Showtime originals and other TV shows on demand.

If you cannot activate Showtime Anytime, it might be two of the following reasons. Showtime Anytime is either not presently permitted as part of your subscription or is not currently accessible on your device. If your TV provider does not offer verification via this device, you will be notified through a message.

Although Showtime Anytime works only in the United States, you can watch it internationally. If you are a US citizen visiting abroad for vacation and craving a good streaming service, you must get a VPN on your device to help you stream Showtime Anytime, anywhere you go.

Wrap Up!

Once you start watching Showtime Anytime, you cannot stop watching its amazing original shows available on demand. However, this channel is only available in the United States. But nothing to worry about; our blog already mentioned that ExpressVPN is always a safe bet when watching Showtime from Canada.

If Showtime not Working with a VPN, we have mentioned what can be the cause or which is the best VPN to stream Showtime.

Showtime costs $10.99 a month. The yearly membership plan for Showtime costs US $99 per year. If you need to, you may cancel your membership at any time.