Watch Best Trending Movies on Channel 4 in Canada [2023 Updated]

Are you wondering how to watch best trending movies to watch on Channel 4 in Canada? Look no further! We’ve got your back with this comprehensive guide to watching the hottest trending films from Channel 4.

Channel 4 is one of the most popular British television channels, and its content has become increasingly important to Canadians. However, as it is a geo-restricted channel, some users may have trouble streaming their favorite movies and shows.

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Once you have an active subscription with a VPN provider, it’s time to start watching some of the best movies that Channel 4 has to offer.

Following are the best trending channel 4 shows to stream in Canada.

  • Belfast Midwives
  • Travel Man Season 8
  • Consent
  • Top Dog
  • The Piano
  • Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip
  • The Curse Season 2
  • Paula
  • Tempting Fortune
  • I Am Ruth

Belfast Midwives


Belfast Midwives is an emotionally gripping drama that chronicles the journey of a dedicated team of midwives at the Royal Jubilee Maternity Service, located in the heart of Belfast. This poignant series highlights the struggles that these women face throughout their daily lives and how they impact families across Northern Ireland.

With captivating storylines and exceptional performances, this series has become one of Channel 4’s biggest  hits. Belfast Midwives is a must-watch for any fan of medical dramas.

Travel Man Season 8


Travel Man Season 8 takes viewers on a delightful journey alongside British comedian Richard Ayoade and a special celebrity guest. Together, they embark on a whirlwind adventure, exploring a popular city and uncovering its hidden gems, all within 48 hours.

Join them as they delve into the must-see tourist attractions, savor local cuisine, and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of each captivating destination. Get ready to be entertained, inspired, and perhaps even tempted to plan your 48-hour adventure!

It’s an amusing travel show filled with entertaining antics and lots of laughs. With its fast-paced episodes and relatable characters, Travel Man Season 8 proves to be a compelling watch.


Consent is a gripping drama that delves into the lives of a wealthy Manhattan family as they grapple with the devastating suicide of their eldest daughter. In the wake of this tragedy, the family finds themselves confronted with a web of secrets that begins to unravel, exposing dark truths and hidden desires. As they descend into a downward spiral of addiction, fueled by drugs, alcohol, and the exploration of societal taboos, their once seemingly perfect world threatens to crumble around them.

This compelling series delves deep into topics such as consent, addiction and mental health, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring these difficult issues. With its powerful performances and honest storytelling, Consent is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Top Dog


Top Dog is an intriguing crime drama that delves into the captivating story of Emily, a brilliant lawyer, and Teddy, an ex-convict with a checkered past. Their lives take an unexpected turn when a baffling disappearance connects their vastly different worlds. As they reluctantly join forces, they uncover hidden secrets, navigate treacherous alliances, and embark on a thrilling journey that will test their limits and challenge their beliefs.

With suspenseful plot twists, intense performances by its leads, and an utterly captivating soundtrack, this series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The Piano


The Piano, an Academy Award-winning cinematic masterpiece, weaves a captivating tale of a mute woman’s journey. Sent to New Zealand with her young daughter and cherished piano for an arranged marriage to a farmer, she becomes the object of desire for one of the farm workers. This forbidden love sets in motion a complex tapestry of secrets, tragedy, and passion.

The Piano is a poignant drama that brings to life the struggles of women in the mid-19th century. With its powerful performances, breathtaking cinematography and beautiful soundtrack, this film has become one of Channel 4’s greatest hits. Don’t miss out on this timeless classic – it’s a must-see movie for any cinema enthusiast!

Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip


Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip explores the energy production process from a historical and modern viewpoint. The 3-part series follows Guy, a Lincolnshire lorry mechanic and motorcycle racer, as he attempts to solve the UK’s energy crisis by investigating the past, present and future of British power stations. With breathtaking moments such as helping to blow up a coal-fired power station, driving to the very end of the National Grid and learning how to escape from an underwater helicopter, this series is sure to be entertaining and informative.

Don’t miss out on one of Channel 4’s latest hits – Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip is a must-watch for anyone looking to learn about the importance of energy production in the UK.

The Curse Season 2


Set in the vibrant backdrop of London in the early 1980s, The Curse Season 2 is a comedy crime caper that takes you on a thrilling journey. Follow a gang of hopeless small-time crooks as they navigate through a series of misadventures, driven by their own stupidity and poor judgment.

Little do they know that their path will lead them to become unwitting participants in one of the biggest gold heists in history, setting the stage for a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for an exhilarating and hilarious tale of mishaps, mayhem, and unexpected consequences. The Curse Season 2 is a must-watch for any fan of crime comedy!



Paula is a captivating drama that explores the repercussions in the life of a chemistry teacher following her encounter with an attractive yet perilous thrill-seeker. With its captivating plot and multiple twists and turns, this series will keep you glued to the screen until the very end.

The lead performances are outstanding, offering viewers a glimpse into the complex psyche of an ordinary woman struggling to come to terms with her choices. Paula is sure to leave you questioning your own decisions and offers meaningful commentary on the complexities of relationships. Don’t miss out on this gripping drama – it’s a must-watch for any fan of quality television!

Tempting Fortune


Tempting Fortune follows the story of twelve strangers who have been sent to the island for 19 days with only basic survival gear. To win the prize, they must resist all temptation and stay on the island until they can be rescued.

This intriguing reality show will keep you on edge as you watch these strangers battle their impulses while being pushed to their limits. With its thrilling challenges and exotic locations, Tempting Fortune is sure to be a hit on Channel 4 in 2023. Tune in for an exciting journey that will take you through the highs and lows of life in paradise!

I Am Ruth


I Am Ruth is a compelling narrative that delves into the life of Ruth, a resilient single mother residing in the bustling city of London. Despite facing financial hardships and the burden of making ends meet, Ruth’s unwavering determination fuels her pursuit to provide for her beloved teenage daughter, Freya.

When circumstances force her to confront unconventional choices, she embarks on an unexpected path as an “erotic dancer” to ensure a better future for her family.

This gripping drama highlights the complexities of being a parent and provides thoughtful commentary on the injustices faced by women in society. With its outstanding performances and captivating storyline, I Am Ruth is sure to leave you mesmerized until the very end. Don’t miss out on this powerful series – it’s a must-watch for any fan of quality television!

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What Else is Worth Watching on Channel 4?

Here are the most popular best shows and best trending movies listed on Channel 4.


The above mentioned are some of the best trending movies to watch on Channel 4 in Canada that have been updated for 2023. Each one has its own unique story and provides a captivating viewing experience that will keep you engaged until the very end. So, don’t miss out on these gems – tune in to Channel 4 for an amazing cinematic journey!

When streaming, be sure to use a reliable VPN provider such as ExpressVPN to ensure the best possible viewing experience. With its fast speeds and military-grade encryption, it’s the perfect service for watching your favorite shows without interruption!