How to Watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4


Are you fond of traveling? If so, you must like to see new destinations on your screen as well. To entertain you in this aspect, a new season of British television series is releasing on January 13, 2023. It is named Travel Man Season 11. It will be aired on Channel 4. If you live in Canada, you might be wondering how to watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4?

Well, we are here to guide you in this matter. As channel 4 is Geo-restricted, you may not be able to watch the documentary directly on it. To unblock this channel in Canada, you need a good VPN. It would help you by changing your IP address. Moreover, ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN to watch Channel 4 in Canada. If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access Channel 4, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access Channel 4.

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Watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4 – [Easy Guide]

To watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4, you have to use a good VPN on your device. You can use it in the following way:

  • Subscribe to the ExpressVPN plan it offers. It’s the most reliable VPN service provider.
  • Download ExpressVPN and provide personal details to log in.
  • Connect to the UK server.
  • Open Channel 4 website and stream Travel Man Season 11.

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Where Can I Watch Season 11 of Travel Man in Canada?

Season 11 of Travel Man can be enjoyed directly on Channel 4. But this would be only if you are a resident of UK. As it is a British Television channel, it can not be broadcast in other countries.

But there is a solution to it. To watch the content of Channel 4 in Canada, you have to use a good VPN. By using a VPN, all the restrictions and geographical limits would not apply. Therefore, you would be able to watch Travel Man at your location without any interruption.

Travel Man Season 11? When Will it Premiere?

Travel Man Season 11 will premiere on Friday, January 13, 2023. It will be aired on Channel 4. Fans of this show are really excited and waiting for the date. As it is near, so save the date you enjoy this spectacular show!

What is the Plot of Travel Man Season 11?

It is a light-hearted comedy travel show. It has been shot at different locations in Europe. The show is hosted by Joe Lycett. He will have different guests with him in each episode. Joe will spend 48 hours on each destination along with his guests. They will explore new facts about each place. They will try to fit in each culture as much as possible.

Apart from traveling and exploring new places, there would be too much fun. You will see the guests laughing out loud with Joe Lycett at different places.No matter how hectic the traveling becomes, Joe will not miss any iconic attraction.

In other words, we can say that Joe has a thirst for adventure which would be satisfied with a 48 hour stay at each place. Most highlighted places traveled by Joe include Iceland, Barcelona, Istanbul, and Marrakech. People sitting at home would enjoy all the adventure like if they are traveling with Joe.

Who Presented the Channel 4 Show Travel Man: 48 Hours in?

The show has been hosted by a very talented man Joe Lycett. Along with him, many guest appearances would be there. Among them a very popular star Sarah Millican has seen who is a guest on the show.

Who are the Guests on Travel Man Season 11?

Comedian Sarah Milican
Actor and comedian Mawaan Rizwan
Comic actress Roisin Conaty
Comedian-actor Asim Chaudhry

Where Can I Watch All the Seasons of the Travel Man?

You can watch all seasons of Travel man on Channel 4 by using a good VPN. ExpressVPN would allow you to bypass all the restrictions imposed on the channel. Then not only season 11, in fact you can enjoy all seasons of Travel Man with unlimited access by sitting home.

Is There Any Trailer For Travel Man Season 11?

There is no official trailer of Travel Man Season 11. However, the storyline can be predicted from previous festive episodes of different seasons. All the other 10 seasons are also worth watching.

Why is ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4 because of its huge number of servers. Currently, it has more than 3000 servers for the customers all over the world. It is very user friendly and therefore suitable for beginners. ExpressVPN is available in more than 105 countries of the world.


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If you have any issue using ExpressVPN, customer support is available all time. Express VPN has the best privacy features and powerful encryption so that you can enjoy your favorite shows without having fear of exposure of your personal information.

Moreover, one of the striking features of ExpressVPN is that you can have it on any of available devices.It can work on a wide range of devices.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4

ExpressVPN is a Media Streamer DNS with the same coding and full security. It gives you a very fine streaming experience. Moreover, Media Streamer allows you to enjoy all the foreign content on your screen.

If we discuss the cost of ExpressVPN, it is quite affordable as compared to other VPNs. As it offers you a 30 day free trial period to know its all services. After that, there is a monthly package that costs $99.9 per month. Also, there is an annual package that will cost you around CA$ 9.13/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)(Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free). So by far, their annual payment is best in every respect.

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What Else is Worth Watching on Channel 4?

Here are the most popular best shows and best trending movies listed on Channel 4.


This British Television series has been written and directed by Richard Ayoade. He was also the presenter of the show till Season 10. Now in this upcoming show, Joe Lycett will replace him as a host.

Travel Man Season 11 has been shooted at different locations of Europe.Most common places are Iceland, Barcelona, Istanbul and Marrakech.

Yes, Travel Man Season 8 is based on a reality show in which traveling to different locations has been filmed. All such adventure is shown in a very reality based scenario.

Wrap up

To explore how to watch Travel Man Season 11 in Canada on Channel 4 using ExpressVPN. Instead of getting tired, he has presented traveling in such a beautiful way that you would be amazed.

And if you want to know about the best VPN for Channel 4, without any hesitation, we recommend ExpressVPN. Get your Channel 4 Subscription and avail Channel 4 free trial without worrying about Channel 4 cost. You’ll be happy to know that you can cancel Channel 4 subscription without paying a single penny.