Best Popular Sports on Sky Sports to Watch in Canada

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  • Last updated: September 17, 2023
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Sky Sports brings the ultimate entertainment with its vast range of sporting event coverage. You can catch all of your favorite sporting events and teams on one platform. With mega-series like Premier League football to Formula 1, Sky Sports delivers you with nonstop action. But with Sky Sports licensing policies, the sporting events are blocked outside its approved regions. But a VPN like ExpressVPN is a perfectly legal way to watch Sky Sports in Canada as it redirects your Canada I.P. address to a local IP address and gives you a chance to watch all the sporting events internationally at the same time as it unfolds. Continue to read and find out the Best Popular Sports on Sky Sports to Watch in Canada.

The best popular sports on Sky Sports to watch in Canada right now are diverse in the most wonderful way, from calculated and calm sports like Golf to the exhilarating NBA basketball and premier league football. The Sky Sport also brings you all the excitement from the world of cricket with tournaments including Asia Cup 2023 and World Cup 2023. With ExpressVPN, you now have the chance to never miss out on any of these events and more right in Canada on Sky Sports as it alters your IP and connects you to a server in the UK.

Premier League – Football


Our list of the Best Popular Sports on Sky Sports to Watch in Canada cannot start off without the premier league. Sky Sports brings you the world’s most watched and loved sports as it covers the premier league entirely. The all-time favorite sport globally brings excitement like no other with its fast-paced and action-packed games. Premier League brings in talent from around the world, with each team consisting of world-class players; it gives you nail-biting action every time with dramatic goals and unexpected outcomes.

To access the latest matches and tournaments, you can subscribe to a budget-friendly package, as Sky Sports costs only CAD 77.78 for 18 months.

Dutch Grand Prix – F1 Racing


The players challenge the very laws of speed as they battle to reach the finish line. The Dutch Grand Prix is the highlight of all the excitement in the racing world. Formula 1 brings a challenging circuit and high-speed car chase that sets the excitement fire up through the roof. Sky Sports covers every inch of the tracks from start to finish and captures the moments when the racers cross the finish line in The Dutch Grand Prix.

Asia Cup 2023 – Cricket


With the start of Asia’s most anticipated tournament, Sky Sports focuses on giving you the coverage of every run and every ball live from the stadiums. As the biggest tournament in Asia begins, the fans wait in anticipation of who is going to be the champion of Asia Cup 2023. The event presents the passion of cricket in the region and serves as the stage for the battle of Asian giants, with each team showcasing the best of their skills and talent, making it one of the Best Popular Sports on Sky Sports to Watch in Canada.

The Hundred – Cricket


The Hundred brings a new era to the cricket format as the team faces each other for a fast-paced game of hundred balls per side. The tournament covered by Sky Sports will bring its audience a chance to witness crickets in a different light. All the global players gather to compete and show their skills and precision in the stadium. The tournament revitalizes the concept of cricket and gives newcomers to cricket a chance to witness the thrill of cricket. The live transmission of this exciting match will be available for the viewers along with the other best popular sports on SKY Sports.

World Cup 2023 – Cricket


The stage is set for the biggest event in cricket. The event comes after every four years, and the fans stick to their TV to witness each and every moment of it. Sky Sports presents you with an opportunity to witness this mega event. The nations around the world gather as their beloved sportsmen display their skills and make their home countries proud. With national pride on the line, each team aims to out-perform each other and bring the trophy home as a sign of champions. Sky Sports captures the pinnacle moments of the entire tournament, from knockout rounds to the ultimate battle between the two remaining teams.

Rugby League


Rugby is a game of strength, teamwork, and skill to dodge the oncoming attack, with each team aiming to breach each other’s defense and fight to gain territory. Sky Sports brings this intense game of strategic overtake in its true form, covering each angle of the event. Rugby League brings excitement to its fans, with their favorite team aiming to reach the top.

FIBA World Cup – NBA


The FIBA World Cup brings action on the court and gives a chance for all the different nations to compete with each other. On Sky Sports, you can watch all of your favorite teams go head-to-head and throw magnificent slam dunks that make the fans fall in love with the game. The FIBA World Cup provides you with a chance to see top talent from around the world and skills that bring basketball to a new level. The three-point shots sending crowds into a frenzy and unexpected dunks at the last minute make this game one of the most exciting and tense sports.


Sky Sports brings you the thrilling competition of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), where fighters, through skill and timed maneuvers, strike their opponent and floor the other fighter. MMA displays the dedication and passion of fighters as they take the arena into an intense competitive match. Sky Sports shows each and every exhilarating moment to its viewers and captures the struggle in the cage from up close angles.

US Open 2023 – Tennis


The US Open 2023 offers a chance to view the world of tennis in all its glory. The most awaited tournament that shows the intense leg word and timed backhand and forehand shots as the players compete to win the championship title, Sky Sports covers the tournament as it unfolds in the famous New York courts and shows its viewers the most elegant sports. Tennis legends from across the world gather to try and make a mark in the US Open and win. Don’t miss all the action on Sky Sports, from qualifying matches to the grand finale.



The thought that comes to mind when you think of Golf is elegance in a game form. Sky Sports brings you this beautiful game with mesmerizing lush green pastures spread across miles, and the players take precession to another level. Each hole brings out a new set of challenges, and each putt makes the game more exciting. With Sky Sports, you can view the most picturesque game unfolds live.

What Else Is Worth Watching On Sky Sports?

Here is the list of most popular shows that you can watch on Sky Sports:


When it comes to sports, Sky Sports proves to be the go-to for experiencing the entire live sports event from all around the world. From the exhilarating matches of the premier league and the most intense fight of the MMA to the most significant cricket tournaments like Asia Cup 2023 and World Cup 2023, the Best Popular Sports on Sky Sports to Watch in Canada begins with just a few easy steps and covers all of your entertainment needs in Canada.

Sky Sports provides you with the easiest subscription process, and you can cancel Sky Sports subscription at any time without any difficulty. However, Sky Sports does put geographical restrictions on its content, and due to the regional blockade, it is limited to a few regions, but with a VPN, you can access it in no time.

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