How To Cancel Sky Sports Subscription In Canada 2022?

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  • Last updated: September 17, 2023
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Wondering how to cancel Sky Sports? We’ve got it all covered for you. Whether it is the big bills piling up or the fact that there are better options to avail, it may be time to cancel your subscription.

In this article, we’re here to bridge the gap on how to cancel Sky Sports in Canada using the Sky website, email, or live chat feature. So get your VPN connected.


How To Cancel Sky Sports Subscription [3 Quick Methods]

The simplest way is to call their helpline and request them to cancel Sky Sports subscription. But if you live in Canada, that’ll be difficult to pull off (imagine the phone bill!). Below, you’ll find three different ways to cancel your Sky Sports Subscription, plus some much-needed information about the Sky Sports subscription.

1st Method: Through Sky Website Live Chat Portal


The simplest method is to get in touch with the Sky representatives through live chat and request them to cancel Sky Sports Subscription. Before you carry out such a big request, you’ll be tempted to change your mind. Other than that, if the representative requests you to cancel it via telephone, just share your dilemma.

The chat support agents are available 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. GMT till 8 p.m. GMT. After cancelation, you might want to try BT sport in Canada and make sure you are well aware of BT Sport cost before subscribing. you can try the Sky Sports free trial or get a full subscription.

2nd Method: Cancelling Sky Sports via Email


In case the live chat keeps you on hold for too long, using e-mail is the next best choice. By emailing, you also get to keep a record of your request for future claims and in case of disputes.

We won’t recommend contacting them through email as the process is time-consuming. It can take up to 5-6 days to get a response to your email. Once you get an answer, provide them with the necessary information required and they will cancel your Sky Sports subscription.

You might want to try other sports streaming services after cancelation like Optus Sport Canada or beIN Sport in Canada. As these services are unavailable in Canada make sure you have a well-reputable VPN connection.

Method 03: By Cancelling Before The Contract Period

Make sure you have an option in your agreement contact to revoke your contract before earlier the period. A price needs to be paid if you are willing to cancel early depending on your contract period.

Calling directly is a quick and easy method. Perchance you’re in the UK and you have the option of calling Sky cancellation number free 0333 759 3772, you’ll only be asked for Sky Sports subscription details.

How Can I Cancel My Sky Cancellation Fee?

To cancel a Sky Sports subscription without any hidden fees, you’ll have to drag your Sky broadband use for at least 12 months. That is because early cancellation fees can set you back a couple of dollars so it is best recommended to enjoy Sky Best TV Shows  in the meantime.

Can I Pause Sky Sports?

Unfortunately, pausing Sky Sports was a choice back in 2020. Due to a lack of live sporting events, they removed the pause feature. Until the live events don’t come back in a mainstream manner, this feature could take some time to return. You can see Our list of the Best Popular Sports on Sky Sports to Watch in Canada.

What Else Is Worth Watching On Sky Sports?

Here is the list of most popular shows that you can watch on Sky Sports:


Yes! You can downgrade the sky package and change the sky package by calling their helpline or reaching out to their Live Chat. 

Yes! You can cancel Sky Sports online using the Live Chat feature, website, or e-mail. Simply contact them in whatever way is convenient and they will ask for a few details and then cancel your subscription.

The best and quick way is to contact through the helpline if you reside in the UK otherwise live chat is always an option for you.

If you are contacting them via email it could take as long as 5-6 days to get a response whereas the live chat option is quick and responsive. They ask for relevant information including account name, email address, and reason to cancel Sky Sport. 


By now, we hope you’ve learned how to Cancel Sky Sports. The best and easiest way is through calling, but if you live in Canada, you can try Live Chat and e-mail. If you’re wondering if can I cancel Sky Sports after 1 month, we’d recommend you do so, to avoid the cancellation cost of Sky Sports.