Watch Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 in Canada on CBS

Get all exclusive access to CBS in Canada content and watch Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 in Canada on CBS. Things are about to get intense in the house as the live Vote starts, and one of the guests gets evicted. It is all available on CBS only, but since its policies on geo-restrictions and content licensing, it is currently only available in the USA.  But there is good news with ExpressVPN You can now watch Big Brother Season 25 in Canada On CBS as much as you want and stay up to date on all episodes of Big Brother.

Watch Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 in Canada on CBS [Easy Steps]

How is Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 outside of the US? Learn the step-by-step process of how. Watch Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 in Canada on CBS in easy steps:

  •       Install ExpressVPN on your device
  •       Select an ExpressVPN affordable subscription plan
  •       Select from a server in the USA.
  •       Visit the CBS website and sign up for CBS premium
  •       Watch the latest Big Brother episodes and much more.

Where to watch Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 in Canada?

CBS is always the answer when it come to Big Brother Season 25 where to watch and how to get access to the budget-friendly subscription plan CBS costs $5.99 (CA$7.74) per month, and ExpressVPN makes this experience easy and fast by overstepping the content licensing limitation and giving you the ability to  US-based content from Canada.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 in Canada on CBS?

With CBS’s geographical limitation, it detects your IP address coming from outside of the US and denies you access to content available in the USA, including the latest season of Big Brother. But ExpressVPN provides you the option to select more than 3000+ servers, which lets you bypass the geo-restrictions set by CBS and lets you stream Big Brother Season 25 online in Canada without interruptions. By downloading ExpressVPN, you can now try out the CBS free trial.

When does Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 Release date on CBS?

The Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 comes out on CBS on 31 Aug 2023, at 8:00 P.M. ET. Mark your calendar and be sure not to miss the new episode to know which houseguest faces eviction. With a CBS affordable subscription plan, you now have access to the latest episodes of Big Brother season 25. You can also cancel CBS subscription at any time with easy steps.

What is the Narrative of Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13?

In Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13, with a live Vote to evict one member, the other houseguest turn their focus on who will get the Power in the household. To view this, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for CBS as it enables you with unlimited streaming. Big Brother Season 25 on CBS Episode 13 release date will also be in line with other CBS channels for viewing.

What is the Plot of Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13?

Following a live voting,  one of the houseguests gets evicted, and the remaining contestants get to compete again as Head of household. The new episode brings another bout of thrill, drama, and a twist. The house becomes a battleground for the contestants as they fight to stay inside. Watch all of Big Brother Season 25 and the best shows on CBS in Canada with ExpressVPN.

What Kind of Show Big Brother Season 25 is?

Big Brother Season 25 is a reality-based show filled with twists and turns. The show focuses on the display of human behavior when faced with immense pressure and resistance against it. At the same time, they try to deal with new and complex scenarios and create alliances to stay in the game. The show brings into focus human behavior under intense social and mental pressure. Big Brother plays along with CBS’s exciting list of best trending movies.

What Time Does Big Brother Go on CBS All Access?

Where can i watch Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13? Well the extraordinary and intense Big Brother Season 25 will be on-air on CBS every Sunday and Wednesday at 8 P.M. ET and Thursdays at 9 P.M. ET. You can also watch it on Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access)

Who is the Featured Cast of Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13?

Big Brother Season 25 features one of the most diverse casts with unique participants.  ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN for CBS as it converts the Canada IP address and lets you stream seamlessly. Below are the cast in this episode.

  •       America Lopez (27)
  •       Izzy Gleicher (32)
  •       Blue Kim (25)
  •       Kirstein Elwin (25)
  •       Bowie Jane (45)
  •       Luke Valentine (30)
  •       Cameron Hardin (34)
  •       Matt Klotz (27)
  •       Felicia Cannon (63)
  •       Mecole Hayes (30)
  •       Hisam Goueli (45)
  •       Red Utley (37)
  •       Jag Bains (25)
  •       Reilly Smedley (24)
  •       Jared Fields (25)
  •       Cory Wurtenbeger (21)

How Many Episodes of Big Brother Season 25 are there?

There are 100 episodes of Season 25 of Big Brother. Each episode is 50 minutes long. This season ticks off all the requirements for entertainment and drama. . To get access to all the episodes get CBS subscription now. Here is a summary of each episode so far

Episode 11, 24 Aug, 2023

Who will be saved from the eviction, and can their alliances help them to save each other?

Episode 10, 24 Aug, 2023

With the doctor’s game in danger, the house remains on the strategy of saying by-sam to Hisam. On the fans’ request, the most demanded competition is back, the pressure cooker competition.

Episode 9 23 Aug 2023

Find out which members win the Power of veto, and will the plan to jeopardize Hisam succeed? Also, Jared and Blue get closer, but can his mom stop all of it?

Episode 8, 20 Aug, 2023

The Head of Household is on the line. Who will win, and which two houseguests will be evicted?

Episode 7 17 Aug 2023

Is the professor’s unwavering and strong alliance about to fall? And can it cause Hisam to evict Cameron instead of Riley?

Episode 6 16 Aug, 2023

Can Cameron or Riley be saved from eviction by the Power of veto? Also, who will be visiting the nether region, and can it cause the game to change t?

Episode 5 13 Aug 2023

What is brewing in the nether region? Can it change the game? Also, where did all the houseguests go, and who will become the Head of the house?

Episode 4 10 Aug, 2023

The houseguests tonight will choose between Felicia and Kristen to evict, and what will creep out from the scary verse?

Episode 3 09 Aug, 2023

The first veto is here; will the golden Power be able to save a nominee? The drama heats up as a coalition begins to form in the house.

Episode 2 06 Aug 2023

Who will take the Head of the house seat for the season, and what is in the stock for the players from the Big Brother multiverse? Can Jared and Cirie keep their mother and son’s secret hidden?

Episode 1 02 Aug 2023

Sixteen people enter the house of Big Brother in hopes of winning Big Brother season 25. Isolated from the outside world, they fight for Power and safety.

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Is there any trailer for Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13?

Yes, the trailer for Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 is available on YouTube but you can check if you reside in the CBS available countries; watch the link below:


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Big Brother will be aired at 8:00 P.M. ET on 31 Aug, 2023.

CBS restricts its content to be viewed outside of the US, but with ExpressVPN, you can stream it anywhere in the world.

Big Brother Season 25 Episode 13 release date on CBS is on 31 August and By downloading ExpressVPN, you can watch it in Canada on CBS.


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