Best TV Shows in Canada on Sky Sports

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  • Last updated: September 17, 2023
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Sky Sports is one of the best sports streaming platforms, as it gives you access to live and uninterrupted access to content from 11 sports channels covering more than 15 different sports.

Aside from live streaming your favorite sports, Sky Sports has a large collection of new and old, extremely enjoyable sports commentary and analytical shows as well. However, given that the platform is based in the UK, its online streaming is not accessible in Canada because of the geographical restrictions imposed on it by incensing agreements.

So, if you wish to stream the best TV shows in Canada on Sky Sports, then some additional steps are required. To get around the platform’s regional streaming restrictions and watch Sky Sports in Canada, you will need to use a reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN, and then connect to a server located in the UK.

What are the Best TV Shows in Canada on Sky Sports?

Sky Sports has a very extensive library of high quality sports commentary, interviews, analysis, and news programs available for streaming. Hosted by Sports Legends, Sky Sports has TV shows that have started all the way back in the 1990s to recent times. So, if you are looking to watch the best TV shows in Canada on Sky Sports but don’t know where to start, then just refer to the list below.

Keep in mind that you will need to use a VPN to get past the platform’s geographical streaming restriction. We recommend that you use the best VPN for Sky SportsExpressVPN.

Soccer AM – 1995

Last hosted by the former West Ham United Midfielder, James Richard Bullard, alongside John Fendley, Soccer AM is a football focused comedy talk show. The show has many current and ex football players and other celebrities and has them participate in many different games and activities such as nutmeg challenges, shot recreations, and more.

With many notable clips still circulating the internet today, Soccer AM is a classic Football talk show and amongst the best TV shows to watch on Canada on Sky Sports.

Ford Super Sunday – 1992

Started in 1992, Ford Super Sunday is Sky Sports flagship, live coverage of Premier League matches. The show is hosted by David Jones live on the stadium grounds with the match in the background. If you want to watch the best TV shows in Canada on Sky Sports but don’t know Sky Sports Cost, don’t worry as it’s just £3.99 a month, and you can cancel Sky Sports subscription any time you want.

Goals on Sunday – 2000

Goals on Sunday is a football based, analytical talk show hosted by the Royal Navy midfielder Chris Kamara and Alex Scott. Reviewing highlights from the Premier League, Football League Championship, and Scottish Premiership matches, the two hosts provide a very insightful analysis backed by statistics and performance.

NFL on Sky Sports – 1995

NFL on Sky Sports – 1995

Previously known as the NFL Special, NFL on Sky Sports is a live, on ground broadcast show hosted by ex player and coach Shaun Gayle, Jeff Reinebold, Rob Ryan, and ports commentator Neil Reynolds. Coming from a place of in depth understanding of the game, the hosts provide unique and technical perspectives to sports.

Sunday Supplement – 1999

Formerly known as Jimmy Hill’s Sunday Supplement, was last hosted by sports presenter Jacqui Oatley in 2020. The show was a sports discussion talk show which took place between the host and three otter guests, which were mostly ex football players and coaches. Each episode of the show has an average runtime of about 90 minutes but was occasionally reduced to 60 minutes.

Live: Monday Night Football – 1992

Hosted by Joe Buck and ex quarterback Troy Aikman, Monday Night Football focuses on the NFL matches that took place on a Monday. The show occasionally had guest appearances by other former players and gave a highly detailed and enjoyable commentary of the game from the stadium grounds. This show is easily one of the best TV shows to watch in Canada on Sky Sports.

Soccer Saturday – 1992

As the name suggests, Soccer Sunday covered all the Association Football matches that took place on a Sunday since 1992. With an IMDB rating of 8.1/ 10, the show is now hosted by Simon Thomas Jeff Stelling and occasionally joined by Julian Warren. The show would include a pre game segment, live on field coverage and interviews, and a post game analysis segment.

The Women’s Football Show – 2020

With an IMDB rating of 7.3/ 10, The Woman’s Football Show is hosted by Chelsea women’s manager Emma Hayes, journalist Robyn Cowen, sports analyst Robyn Cowen, and others. The show focuses on the issues and development, specifically in the women’s football division, and provides possible solutions.

WWE Main Event – 2012

WWE Main Event – 2012 on sky sports

With an IMDB rating of 6.2/ 10, the WWE main event is a wrestling based coverage and commentary show. The show has a run time of 60 minutes and usually features two matches between wrestlers from WWE Raw and NXT. The show is generally hosted by a wrestler accompanied by a WWE Hall of Fame member.

Premier League Fixtures – 2017

Also known as Sky Sports Premier League, the show launched during the 2017 to 2018 Premier League season. The show covers almost all of the maces in the season with pre game and post game interviews on the field.

What Else Is Worth Watching On Sky Sports?

Here is the list of most popular shows that you can watch on Sky Sports:


Sky Sports is an excellent platform with a large collection of sports analysis and commentary programs hosted by Hall of Famers and experienced sports presenters. The platform has TV shows which cover over 15 sports.

After going through the article, you now know that in order to watch the best TV shows in Canada on Sky Sports, you will need to use a strong VPN application to get past the platform’s region checks. The best VPN for Sky Sports is ExpressVPN as it will consistently and securely unblock Sky Sports from anywhere, all while providing you with a high speed and lag free streaming experience.