FIFA Womens World Cup 2023 Venues and Stadiums

Step into the world of football excellence, where athleticism, passion, and unparalleled skill converge on the global stage – the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. As the anticipation reaches fever pitch, the world stands ready to witness a monumental celebration of women’s football like never before.

From the bustling metropolises to the quaint corners of the host nation, a magnificent array of stadiums awaits, serving as the epicenters of unparalleled sporting glory.

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These state-of-the-art arenas will become the battlegrounds where dreams will be forged, history will be rewritten, and legacies will be immortalized.

Get ready to be enthralled by the sheer splendor and electrifying energy as the finest female footballers from across the globe showcase their artistry in pursuit of the ultimate prize. Welcome to a sporting extravaganza that will echo through the annals of time – welcome to the tournament and  FIFA Womens World Cup 2023 venues and stadiums.

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  5. FIFA Women’s World Cup Stadiums 2023
  6. Australia
  7. Brisbane Stadium
  8. Hindmarsh Stadium
  9. Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
  10. Perth Rectangular Stadium
  11. Stadium Australia
  12. Sydney Football Stadium
  13. New Zealand
  14. Dunedin Stadium
  15. Eden Park
  16. Waikato Stadium
  17. Wellington Regional Stadium

FIFA Womens World Cup 2023 Venues.


  1. Adelaide – Hindmarsh Stadium
  2. Brisbane – Brisbane Stadium
  3. Melbourne – Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
  4. Perth – Perth Rectangular Stadium
  5. Sydney – Stadium Australia and Sydney Football Stadium

New Zealand:

  1. Auckland – Eden Park
  2. Dunedin – Dunedin Stadium
  3. Hamilton – Waikato Stadium
  4. Wellington – Wellington Regional Stadium.


Group A:

July 20, Thu, 3:00 AM: Nigeria vs. Canada

July 20, Thu, 6:00 AM: Australia vs. Ireland

July 20, Thu, 10:30 PM: New Zealand vs. Norway

Group B:

July 21, Fri, 1:00 AM: Philippines vs. Switzerland

July 21, Fri, 3:30 AM: Spain vs. Costa Rica

July 21, Fri, 9:00 PM: United States vs. Vietnam

Group C:

July 22, Sat, 3:00 AM: Zambia vs. Japan

July 22, Sat, 5:30 AM: England vs. Haiti

July 22, Sat, 8:00 AM: Denmark vs. China

Group D:

July 23, Sun, 1:00 AM: Sweden vs. South Africa

July 23, Sun, 3:30 AM: Netherlands vs. Portugal

July 23, Sun, 6:00 AM: France vs. Jamaica

Group E:

July 24, Mon, 2:00 AM: Italy vs. Argentina

July 24, Mon, 4:30 AM: Germany vs. Morocco

July 24, Mon, 7:00 AM: Brazil vs. Panama

Group F:

July 25, Tue, 1:30 AM: New Zealand vs. Philippines

July 25, Tue, 4:00 AM: Switzerland vs. Norway

July 26, Wed, 1:00 AM: Japan vs. Costa Rica

July 26, Wed, 3:30 AM: Spain vs. Zambia

Group G:

July 27, Thu, 3:30 AM: Portugal vs. Vietnam

July 27, Thu, 6:00 AM: Australia vs. Nigeria

July 27, Thu, 8:00 PM: Argentina vs. South Africa

Group H:

July 28, Fri, 4:30 AM: England vs. Denmark

July 28, Fri, 7:00 AM: China vs. Haiti

July 29, Sat, 3:30 AM: Sweden vs. Italy

July 29, Sat, 6:00 AM: France vs. Brazil

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New Zealand, one of the co-host countries, will host the opening match of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Auckland. 

The official FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 slogan is Beyond Greatness.

The most successful FIFA Women’s World Cup teams are the United States, Germany, Norway, and Japan.

The Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023 schedule includes 32 teams competing in 64 games, divided into stages:

  • Group Stage (July 20 – August 3): Teams in eight groups play round-robin matches, with the top two advancing to the knockout stage.
  • Round of 16 (August 5 – August 8): Top two teams from each group compete in single-elimination matches.
  • Quarterfinals (August 11 – August 12): Eight remaining teams play quarterfinal matches.
  • Semifinals (August 15 – August 16): Four teams compete in the semifinals.
  • Third-Place Playoff (August 19): Losing semifinal teams vie for third place.
  • Final (August 20): Winners of the semifinals compete for the championship.


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