How to Watch A year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV

Are you eager to know how you can Watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV? By simply utilizing a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, you can overcome the geo-restrictions on ITV and enjoy the documentary on the network in Canada.

A Year on Planet Earth is a captivating nature documentary series filmed in over 60 stunning locations. It explores the intricate connections in the natural world, revealing the profound impact of natural events on diverse animal species. Through mesmerizing storytelling, the series offers a deep understanding of their lives and behaviors.

The intriguing series is available to stream on ITV. However, since ITV enforces geo-restrictions on its content, its inaccessible to individuals residing in Canada. However, if you wish to watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV, there is a solution! By utilizing ExpressVPN, you can circumvent the geo-restrictions and seamlessly watch ITV in Canada.

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How to Watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV? [Easy Steps]

By following these easy steps you can effortlessly Watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV:

  • Install ExpressVPN service on your device.
  • Open the VPN application and connect to a server located in the UK. (Recommended server: Docklandyard)
  • Once connected, your IP address will appear as if you’re browsing from the UK.
  • Launch your web browser and visit the ITV website or use the ITV Hub app.
  • Search for A Year on Planet Earth and start streaming the series.

Note: If you’re new to ITV Hub, take advantage of the ITV Hub Free Trial to enjoy a limited period of access to “A Year on Planet Earth” and other incredible content.

After the trial period, you have the option to become a premium member, and with the vast array of offerings on the platform, we are confident that you won’t want to cancel ITV Hub Subscription ever.

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When and Where Can I Watch A year on Planet Earth?

A Year on Planet Earth, the highly anticipated documentary series, was released on December 22, 2022 and the third series is on its way to be released on 9th July 2023, captivating audiences with its mesmerizing depiction of our planet’s remarkable diversity and breathtaking beauty. From awe-inspiring landscapes to fascinating wildlife encounters, the series took viewers on a global journey like never before.

Thanks to ExpressVPN, you can now engage yourself in the wonders of A Year on Planet Earth by watching it on ITV in Canada.

What is A Year on Planet Earth about?

A Year on Planet Earth showcases the intricate interconnectedness and extraordinary diversity of life on our planet.

With breathtaking footage and compelling insights from wildlife experts, the show delves into the myriad wonders of the natural world. It unveils the fascinating ways in which animals respond and adapt to evolving habitats, weather patterns, and unexpected obstacles.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or someone who marvels at the beauty of our world, this enthralling series is sure to captivate you attention. You can catch A Year on Planet Earth on ITV and board on an incredible journey of discovery.

Note: If you enjoying watching documentaries of the same genre, be sure to pay for ITV since the network offers a wide range of documentaries and series of similar nature.

Who is the host of A Year on Planet Earth?

Stephen Fry, renowned actor, presenter, and writer, brings his captivating presence as the host and narrator of A Year on Planet Earth. Having been present during the filming of the series, Fry’s unique perspective adds depth and authenticity to the storytelling.

With a passion for nature, he has previously presented acclaimed natural history documentaries like Last Chance to See and Spectacled Bears: Shadow of the Forest. Be ready to be enthralled by Fry’s engaging narration as he takes you on a captivating journey through A Year on Planet Earth.

How many episodes are there in A Year on Planet Earth?

A Year on Planet Earth consists of six episodes each episode being hour-long, each dedicated to a different ecological topic. You can gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by individuals working to protect and preserve the natural world. By paying a nominal ITV Hub Subscription Cost, you can enjoy all the episodes in high-definition.

What are the episodes about?

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the 6 episodes:

Winter: In the first episode, Stephen Fry uncovers the impact of our annual journey around the sun on all life forms. He explores the challenges faced by polar bears and other species during harsh Northern winters.

Through captivating visuals and storytelling, you can discover how these seasonal changes affect the survival of these incredible creatures.

Spring: In the second episode, we witness the fascinating contrast as the North begins to face the sun, signaling the start of the great melt and a time of flourishing new life. However, in the South, conditions become increasingly harsh for penguins and foxes.

This episode showcases the dynamic and contrasting experiences of different regions, highlighting the challenges faced by these resilient creatures.

Summer: In the third episode, we delve into the extremes of summer. In the Rockies, summers are brief, and the pika must gather and store flowers as their primary source of food before the return of snow. Meanwhile, on Marion Island, the king penguin chicks experience a frozen stillness in their lives.

This episode explores the unique challenges faced by these different species during the summer months, showcasing their remarkable adaptations and the delicate balance between survival and the changing seasons.

Autumn: In the fourth episode, we embrace the transformative season of autumn. This time of change brings both opportunities and formidable challenges for many species. For the Monarch butterflies, it presents a chance to start anew or embark on a different path.

This episode delves into the remarkable journeys and adaptations of these butterflies, highlighting the resilience and determination they exhibit during this transformative season.

Full Circle: In the fifth episode, we witness the incredible strategies employed by animals such as red squirrels, pikas, and penguins as they adapt to their ever-changing environments. Journeying through the seasons and our orbit around the sun, this episode unveils the remarkable ways these creatures cope with the challenges presented by their shifting worlds.

A Year on My Planet Earth: In the sixth and final episode, we delve into the captivating stories of scientists and conservationists who have employed innovative techniques to uncover new behaviors. Their pioneering efforts have allowed us to film and present this extraordinary series to audiences worldwide.

This episode shines a light on the dedicated individuals who have tirelessly worked to expand our understanding of the natural world, providing us with a deeper glimpse into the lives of the creatures we share this planet with.

Is there a trailer for A Year on Planet Earth?

Yes, there is a trailer for the intriguing series which gives us a sneak peek of what the series has to offer:

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FAQs – A Year on Planet Earth

Filmed across over 60 locations worldwide, “A Year on Planet Earth” captures the enchanting presence of diverse animal species. From African elephants and polar bears to cheetahs, blacktip sharks, grizzly bears, zebras, chipmunks and leatherback turtles the series showcases a captivating array of charismatic creatures.

The narrator of A Year on Planet Earth is Stephen Fry. With his distinctive storytelling style, Fry brings depth and charm to the documentary, guiding viewers through the captivating narratives of the natural world.

To watch A Year on Planet Earth online for free in Canada, consider streaming it on ITV, a free streaming channel. However, please note that ITV’s content is geographically restricted to the UK. To overcome this limitation, you can use ExpressVPN, a reliable VPN service. By connecting to a UK server through ExpressVPN, you can bypass the geo-restrictions and access ITV’s streaming service, allowing you to enjoy A Year on Planet Earth from Canada.

Wrapping UP!

If you want to Watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV, using a VPN is necessary. ExpressVPN is widely regarded as the top choice, providing fast and reliable streaming for all your favorite seasons.

With ExpressVPN, you can effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy a seamless streaming experience, gaining access to the content you desire.