How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Canada on ITV

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The upcoming 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup marks the ninth edition of the renowned international football (soccer) championship exclusively for women’s national teams. Organized by FIFA, this tournament will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The Women’s World Cup 2023 start date is scheduled from 20 July to 20 August 2023.

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To ensure that you don’t miss out on this highly anticipated tournament, lets dive straight into the steps and learn how you can Watch ITV in Canada!

How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Canada on ITV[Easy Steps for Free]

By following these steps you can conveniently Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Canada on ITV at your home:

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  • Create an ITV account.
  • Start streaming the FIFA Women’s World Cup on the ITV website.

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When and Where to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Canada?

If you’re wondering Where can I watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023? This section is for you!

You can stream FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on ITV. All 64 matches of the tournament will be aired on ITV or the BBC, as it takes place in Australia and New Zealand. The tournament kicks off on July 20, starting with the opening match in Auckland.

ITV will broadcast half of the matches on ITV1 and ITV4, with ITVX offering simulcast and catch-up options. Match highlights will also be available on ITVX and ITV’s social media platforms.

Due to the tournament’s location in the southern hemisphere, the match timings will be early, with the majority of matches scheduled between 8 am and midday UK time.

ITV will showcase two of England’s Group stage games, including their first match against Haiti and their final group game against China. On the tournament’s opening day, ITV will provide coverage of the Republic of Ireland taking on co-hosts Australia. Additionally, ITV will broadcast the Group stage match between Canada and Ireland.

ITV’s Group stage coverage will include exciting matches such as Portugal versus the USA (World Cup holders and top-ranked team) and Germany’s matches against Colombia and Morocco. Other matches featuring top-ranked nations like Brazil v Panama, Vietnam v the Netherlands, and France v Jamaica, will also be shown on ITV.

ITV has secured the right to choose the Quarter-final matches and will broadcast both the third-place play-off and the Women’s world cup 2023 final of the tournament.

Pro-Tip: To enjoy high-definition (HD) coverage of the matches, it is recommended to subscribe and pay for ITV.

What are the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 groups?

Here is the table summarizing the teams in each Women’s world cup 2023 group:

Group Teams
Group A Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines
Group B Republic of Ireland, Canada, Australia, Nigeria
Group C Zambia, Japan, Costa Rica, Spain
Group D Haiti, China, England, Denmark
Group E Portugal, Netherlands, Vietnam, United States
Group F France, Brazil, Panama, Jamaica
Group G Italy, Argentina, Sweden, South Africa
Group H Germany, Colombia, Morocco, South Korea


What is the fixture of the 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup?

The following table summarizes the Women’s world cup fixtures on ITV. The knockout rounds commence on August 5th, leading up to the grand finale of the World Cup in Sydney on August 20th.You can watch ITV on PS4 to enjoy these matches on the big screen:

Date Match Time Broadcaster
20 July New Zealand v Norway 8 am BBC
Australia v Republic of Ireland 11am ITV1
21 July Nigeria v Canada 3:30am BBC
Philippines v Switzerland 6am ITV1
Spain v Costa Rica 8:30am BBC
22 July USA v Vietnam 2am BBC
Zambia v Japan 8am BBC
England v Haiti 10:30am ITV1
Denmark v China 1pm BBC
23 July Sweden v South Africa 6am BBC
Netherlands v Portugal 8:30am BBC
France v Jamaica 11am ITV1
24 July Italy v Argentina 7am ITV1
Germany v Morocco 9:30am ITV1
Brazil v Panama Midday ITV1
25 July Colombia v Korea Republic 3am BBC
New Zealand v Philippines 6:30am ITV1
Switzerland v Norway 9am ITV1
26 July Japan v Costa Rica 6am ITV1
Spain v Zambia 8:30am BBC
Canada v Republic of Ireland 1pm ITV1
27 July USA v Netherlands 2am BBC
Portugal v Vietnam 8:30am ITV1
Australia v Nigeria 11am BBC
28 July Argentina v South Africa 1am ITV1
England v Denmark 9:30am BBC
China PR v Haiti Midday ITV1
29 July Sweden v Italy 8:30am BBC
France v Brazil 11am BBC
Panama v Jamaica 1:30pm ITV1
30 July South Korea v Morocco 5:30am BBC
Switzerland v New Zealand 8am BBC
Norway v Philippines 8am BBC
Germany v Colombia 10:30am ITV1
31 July Japan v Spain 8am ITV1
Costa Rica v Zambia 8am ITV4
Canada v Australia 11am BBC
Republic of Ireland v Nigeria 11am BBC
1 August Portugal v USA 8am ITV1
Vietnam v Netherlands 8am ITV4
China PR v England Midday ITV1
Haiti v Denmark Midday ITV4
2 August Argentina v Sweden 8am BBC
South Africa v Italy 8am BBC
Panama v France 11am ITV
Jamaica v Brazil 11am ITV
3 August Morocco v Colombia 11am BBC
Korea Republic v Germany 11am BBC

Since you now know the women’s world cup 2023 schedule, lets find out the host countries and venues for this high voltage event.

Who is hosting the Women’s World Cup 2023?

The 2023 Women’s World Cup will witness Australia hosting 35 matches, spread across six venues. Meanwhile, New Zealand will host the remaining 29 matches, held in four stadiums. The tournament kicks off on July 20, with the opening match featuring New Zealand against Norway at Eden Park in Auckland.

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Who are the favorites to win Fifa Women’s World Cup 2023?

The United States, reigning women’s World Cup winners, are strongly favored to triumph, although their recent defeats against England, Germany, and Spain indicate that claiming a third consecutive title will not be an easy task.

The Netherlands, determined to avenge their loss in the 2019 final, eagerly anticipate facing the U.S. on the grand stage. The group is completed of newcomers from Vietnam and Portugal.

FAQs – Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023on ITV in Canada

With four victories to their name, the United States stands as the reigning champions, having clinched the title in the 2019 tournament held in France.

This Women’s World Cup is the first time that 32 teams are participating, compared to the previous edition in 2019 when 24 countries competed.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be broadcast live on BBC and ITV, as well as on streaming services ITVX and iPlayer. Each service will broadcast alternating fixtures. You can catch up on all the live action in HD by paying a minimum ITV Hub Subscription Cost.

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