How to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 in Canada on Hulu [Simple Guide]

Seeking a seamless way to watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 in Canada on Hulu? Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, this much-anticipated season remains out of reach for Canadian viewers. To effortlessly access Hulu in Canada, using the best Hulu VPN is the only way. For uninterrupted streaming, we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

Hell’s Kitchen: Season 22 Premiere promises to be a sizzling affair. This season, titled ‘The American Dream,’ is set to be a culinary rollercoaster. Contestants will face uniquely American challenges for a $250,000 prize, chef positions at Ramsay’s elite restaurants, and the title of Hell’s Kitchen winner.

With the release date set for Friday, September 29, 2023, on Hulu, the heat is truly on with Chef Gordon Ramsay at the helm. Now that you know where can I watch Hell’s Kitchen 2023, read on to find out everything about the upcoming season and all the necessary steps you need to follow for uninterrupted streaming.

How to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 in Canada on Hulu? [5 Easy Steps]

Here are 5 easy steps to watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 in Canada on Hulu:

  • Sign up for the best Hulu VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN for its super-fast streaming speed).
  • Download the VPN app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Log in using your credentials.
  • Connect to a US-based server (Recommended: New York server).
  • Visit the Hulu website and enjoy the intense culinary showdown!

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Where can I Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 in Canada?

You can watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 on Hulu starting Friday, September 29, 2023.

Hosted by the renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay, the series will officially premiere a day earlier (September 28) on Fox.

However, due to geo-restrictions imposed by the platform, Canadian viewers might face access issues.

To bypass these restrictions and enjoy uninterrupted streaming, implement the Hulu location trick using ExpressVPN.

How can I Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 in Canada for Free?

Starting with the Hulu free trial can help you watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 online for free, allowing you to enjoy the culinary drama without paying the Hulu price.

However, it’s essential to note that Hulu has geo-restrictions for Canadian viewers. To overcome this and stream the show seamlessly in Canada, consider using a Hulu VPN.

What is the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Premiere Date on Hulu?

The Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 release date on Hulu is set for Friday, September 29, 2023.

However, if you’re tuning in on Fox, the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 air date is a day earlier, i.e., Thursday, September 28. you can also watch it on Hulu + Live TV.

What is the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Plot Summary?

In Hell’s Kitchen Season 22, Gordon Ramsay is back, steering the fiery kitchens with renewed vigor. Themed ‘The American Dream,’ this season explores unique American narratives, setting the stage for contestants to face unparalleled challenges and truly test their culinary skills.

Who is in the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Cast?

For Hell’s Kitchen Season 22, Gordon Ramsay will become the host. This season will feature 18 contestants, with the teams being divided by gender: male contestants will be part of the blue team, while female contestants will join the red team.

Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 22 Red Team

The red team, representing the female contestants, includes:

  • Ashley from Bowie, MD: A Private Chef and Caterer
  • Carmen from Miami, FL: Chef Tournant
  • Claudia from Atlanta, GA: Private Chef
  • Donya from Long Island, NY: Caterer
  • Leigh from Cameron, NC: Private Chef
  • Melissa from Atlanta, GA: Private Chef
  • Raneisha from Columbia, MS: Executive Private Chef
  • Sammi from Los Angeles, CA: Chef and Creative Director
  • Sandra from Nashville, TN: Lead Catering Chef

Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 22 Blue Team

The blue team, representing the male contestants, consists of:

  • Bradley from Miami, FL: Caterer
  • Dahmere from Philadelphia, PA: Chef
  • Devon from Louisville, KY: Executive Chef
  • Jason from Chicago, IL: Executive Chef
  • Jermaine from Capital Region, NY: Private Chef
  • Johnathan from Huntington Beach, CA: Sous Chef
  • Mattias from Pittsburgh, PA: Chef
  • Ryan from Palm Beach Gardens, FL: Chef
  • Tad from Chicago, IL: Chef

What is the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Game Format?

In Hell’s Kitchen Season 22, aspiring chefs are divided into two teams, facing a series of culinary challenges to impress Chef Ramsay. Winners enjoy lavish rewards, while those falling short face stern punishments.

Each episode concludes with the top chef from the losing team nominating two peers for elimination, with Ramsay making the final call.

The contestants, with diverse backgrounds, tackle varied tasks, from taste tests to special event catering, always prepared for unexpected twists.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 22, 2023 – What Can We Expect?

For Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 on Hulu, viewers can anticipate intense culinary battles among aspiring chefs in the high-pressure environment of Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.

Guided and judged by the formidable Chef Gordon Ramsay, contestants will face diverse challenges, from crafting specific dishes to managing a bustling restaurant setting.

Their culinary skills, teamwork, and leadership will be under scrutiny, leading to weekly eliminations. The ultimate victor will earn a coveted prize, often a prestigious role in one of Ramsay’s renowned restaurants.

Who is the New Host of Hell’s Kitchen?

Gordon Ramsay will continue his role as the host for Hell’s Kitchen Season 22. Born in Scotland and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Ramsay has honed his culinary skills under the guidance of world-renowned chefs like Albert Roux, Marco Pierre White in London, and Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon in France.

How Many episodes will be there in Hell’s Kitchen Season 22?

As of now, details have been released only for Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 1, titled ‘The Dream Begins,’ which is set to air on September 29, 2023, on Hulu.

In this episode, contestants will face the signature dish challenge, post which they’ll be divided into teams. The victorious team will enjoy a private dinner with Chef Ramsay, while the other team will have the less glamorous task of cleaning the kitchens.

Is there a Trailer Available for Hell’s Kitchen Season 22?

No, there isn’t a Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 trailer available right now.

However, to understand the show’s intensity, watch a clip below from the previous season, showcasing a dramatic elimination night with Gordon taking unexpected measures.

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Hell's Kitchen Season 22

What else can you Stream on Hulu in Canada Besides Hell’s Kitchen Season 22?

Hulu offers a diverse range of content for its viewers. Besides Hell’s Kitchen Season 22, here are some trending titles you can stream right away:


The Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 winner is Alex Belew, a 40-year-old former restaurant owner from Murfreesboro, Tenn. Alex leaned into his Southern roots to craft his triumphant menu.

Post her victory in season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen, Christina Wilson’s career soared. Initially serving as chef de cuisine at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, she now holds the title of VP of Culinary at Gordon Ramsay North America, influencing all the company’s restaurants nationwide.

Yes, contestants on Hell’s Kitchen receive a weekly salary. While the exact amount remains undisclosed, it’s speculated that they earn between US$750 and US$1000 a week.

Ariel, the victor of Hell’s Kitchen season 18, became only the second winner in the show’s history, after season 1’s Michael Wray, to decline the grand prize. Instead of relocating to Las Vegas, Ariel chose to work nearer to her home.

Yes, celebrities are compensated, typically receiving US$40 to US$50 each. Occasionally, they’re treated to meals crafted by the competing chefs, all vying for a position in one of Gordon Ramsay’s esteemed restaurants.

Wrapping Up

You’re now equipped with all you need to watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 in Canada on Hulu.

With ExpressVPN, you can easily avoid geographical restrictions and enjoy Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 streaming seamlessly.

Dive into the fiery kitchens with Chef Ramsay and the contestants. Happy streaming!