How to Pay for Hulu in Canada? [Easiest Methods 2024]

If you’ve been looking for ways about how to pay for Hulu in Canada, you’d be surprised how easy it is if you have the right VPN. Hulu checks your IP address to detect your physical location, but a VPN can assign you a temporary IP address to unblock the platform easily. This means, you can sign up and pay for Hulu while being in Canada by simply getting a US IP address.

Hulu is not available outside the US and Japan due to geo-restrictions. Thus you’re right to ask how do I pay for Hulu from Canada then. You can change the situation around with a VPN that works for Hulu abroad. We tested over 80+ providers to see which ones work for your Hulu payment in Canada and subsequently allow you to Hulu in Canada.

Based on our tests, the best Hulu VPN in Canada is ExpressVPN, with the fastest connection and reliable US servers. With a VPN connected, you can begin streaming Mahabharat or Jelly Roll – Save Me on Hulu. Read on as we discuss the Hulu payment options, including a Hulu gift card and more, to begin streaming without getting access errors.


How to Pay for Hulu in Canada in 2024? [3 Quick Steps]

You can pay for Hulu in Canada by getting a VPN and routing your network through a US-based server. Follow the three quick steps answering how do I pay for Hulu in Canada:

  1. Install a VPN after signing up. ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for its massive US server network.
  2. Open the app and connect to a USA server. We recommend the New York server for fast speeds.
  3. Open Hulu. You can now stream Hulu’s library if you’re already an existing member. If not, you need to pay for a Hulu subscription costs in Canada by getting a gift card from MyGiftCardSupply or by finishing up using one of the payment options below.

Note: Hulu free trial is available for both Basic and Premium plans. You can try the free option first if you’re a new user.

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Why do you Need a VPN to Pay for Hulu in Canada?

You need a VPN to pay for Hulu in Canada because the service is unavailable anywhere outside USA and Japan. This is a problem for subscribers of Hulu who travel or currently reside in another country like Canada.

When you visit Hulu without a VPN, you’ll see this error message:


Hulu isn’t officially available in Canada, so you get this error message.

This happens when the IP detection system of Hulu sees that you’re not accessing the service in the US but in a region where it’s unavailable. After connecting to a USA server, you can resolve the error and pay for Hulu in Canada with a new IP address.

But how to use Hulu in Canada? You can use Hulu by paying through any of the Hulu payment options we’ll discuss below or try a Hulu free trial to stream or cancel Hulu subscription if you want by using a VPN. You can’t use just about any VPN, though. You must subscribe to the best VPN for Hulu that effectively works with the service.

We recommend ExpressVPN for this specific case – available with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can easily stream in Canada.

How to Pay for Hulu from Canada without US Credit Card? [5 Easiest Ways]

You can easily pay for Hulu through your bank, e-money, or even through a Hulu gift card. The best solution to how do I pay my Hulu account is to make sure your preferred payment option has the US as the location. To do this, you must get a VPN for Hulu in Canada.

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN because of its super-fast streaming speed.
  • Connect to a USA server to unblock Hulu (Recommended: New York server).

These are your Hulu payment methods to continue your subscription to the service through a Hulu US account.

  1. GiftCardSupply Method
  2. iTunes Method
  3. Prepaid US Card
  4. PayPal Method
  5. StatesCard Method

Method 1. Use MyGiftCardSupply to Pay for Hulu in Canada

Here are the easy steps that answer how do I pay for Hulu with a gift card:

  • Connect to the US server of ExpressVPN. Recommended: New York server.
  • Get a Hulu gift card via MyGiftCardSupply. You can get a gift card for as low as US$25 with unlimited streaming of Hulu’s library.


  • Get the verification code of the gift card from your email.
  • Go to Hulu and redeem the gift card. Enter your code location zip code, and sign in to your Hulu account (Note: You need to have a US zip code to continue).


  • Go to your Hulu account using your new details.
  • You can now stream without errors.

Note: You can buy a Hulu gift card at certain retail locations. You can use them at or through your Account page.

Get ExpressVPN for Hulu in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

Method 2. Use iTunes to Pay for Hulu in Canada

You can use iTunes for Hulu through the following steps:

  • Get an ExpressVPN subscription and connect to the USA – New York server.
  • Create an iTunes account with a location in the US. It is important that iTunes records that you’re in the US with a VPN even when you’re not.
  • Go to the Apple website to proceed.
  • Top up your iTunes account and make sure it has a cash balance.
  • Download Hulu app in Canada on your device via PlayStore or Apple App Store.
  • Get done with the Hulu login. Pay for Hulu in Canada or update your balance by using the cash balance in your iTunes funds.
  • You can now stream after finishing the payment process! Enjoy.
Get ExpressVPN for Hulu in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

Method 3. Use Prepaid US Card to Pay for Hulu in Canada

You can pay through your US Prepaid Card using these steps:

  • Cash in funds to a VISA or MasterCard prepaid card via their sites or via bank transfer.
  • Connect to the USA server of ExpressVPN. Recommended: New York server.
  • Open your Hulu and pay for Hulu using the prepaid card.
  • Finish the signups by entering the details required.
  • After payment, go back to Hulu Homepage and you can now start streaming.
Get ExpressVPN for Hulu in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

Method 4. Use Paypal to Pay for Hulu in Canada

You can choose Paypal as your Hulu payment method and pay for the subscription through these steps:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the New York server.
  • Go to PayPal via your browser or open the Paypal app.
  • Create an account with the US as the location. You have to remember that if it’s not a US-based PayPal, your payment will not work with Hulu.
  • Link your card or cash in to add funds. Make sure that your bank account and the name of your Paypal match; if they do not, Paypal won’t allow a bank link.
  • Go to Hulu and pay for your subscription plan using PayPal.
  • You can now begin streaming!
Get ExpressVPN for Hulu in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

Method 5. Use StatesCard to Pay for Hulu in Canada

You can use your StatesCard to pay for Hulu in Canada through these steps:

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN and connect to the New York server.
  • Have a StatesCard by going to the StatesCard site and signing up.


  • Add funds via bank transfer or other e-money options.
  • Go to Hulu and pay for Hulu in Canada through your StatesCard.
  • After the payment, go back to Hulu and start streaming with a Hulu gift card.
Get ExpressVPN for Hulu in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

What are the Best VPNs to Get Hulu in Canada in 2024? [In-Depth Analysis]

To successfully complete your payment to Hulu, you should only get the best VPN with fast US servers and secured over 256-bit encryption that never gets easily loaded with users.

After rigorous testing, the following are our best Hulu VPNs:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Pay for Hulu in Canada

ExpressVPN emerged as the best VPN among 80+ providers to pay for Hulu in Canada and use your subscription abroad because of its blazing-fast speeds on USA servers.

With over 3000+ servers and 20+ server locations in the US, you can stay connected to Hulu without a hitch. You’ll get a US IP address through the US servers that are physically in the US.

You can easily pay for Hulu in Canada as it is compatible with the platform and specifically works best with US-exclusive services. When you have already paid for Hulu, you may stream Hulu in Canada without any buffering or disconnections. You can stream Hulu’s best shows as if you’re in the US.


ExpressVPN instantly unblocks Hulu in Canada.

Recommended: New York server

The MediaStreamer feature lets you stream on Hulu on Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV too!

You can watch The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 in Canada on Hulu and witness the quest of treasure hunters for a legendary treasure. If you fancy football, you may catch the next-day broadcast of Hulu and watch Man United Vs Fulham FA Cup Live in Canada on Hulu.

As per our tests, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs that never causes network throttling. It has a Speed test result of 89.42 Mbps download speed and 84.64 Mbps upload speed.


ExpressVPN speed test results on a 100 Mbps internet connection.

Additionally, you may binge on Netflix, Paramount Plus, Prime Video, and other streaming platforms with unlimited bandwidth, 5 simultaneous connections, and fast streaming speeds.

Plus, you can secure your connections via an encrypted network with an AES 256-bit key standard. Other additional tools include a split-tunneling feature, a no-logs policy, and Lightway Protocol.

Get started with ExpressVPN now and access your Hulu without facing any geo-restrictions along the way for only CA$ 9.09/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)(Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free). Available with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a support chat 24/7.

Get ExpressVPN for Hulu in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

2. Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN to Pay Hulu in Canada

Surfshark is the most budget-friendly VPN to pay for Hulu in Canada, costing only CA$ 3.39/mo (US$ 2.49/mo)- Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee with a 30-day refund guarantee. 

You can get a hold of 3200+ servers; 600+ of these are in the US. You may easily use these servers for Hulu as they privately encrypt your network and redirect you to Hulu without any problem.


The Detroit server easily unblocks Hulu to make the payment.

Recommended: Detroit server

As per our speed tests, Surfshark is never a letdown. We recorded 88.14 Mbps download speed and 83.72 Mbps upload speed in an attempt to watch Hulu in Canada.

What’s more, is that Surfshark provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited simultaneous use without any buffering situation going your way.


Surfshark VPN Hulu Canada speed test results on a 100 Mbps internet connection.

As you can easily get a US IP address with Surfshark, unblocking other American platforms are relatively straightforward. You can watch all the best Hulu movies wherever they are broadcast across different platforms.

You may also maximize all Surfshark features without compromising your security. This VPN employs industry-standard encryption and cloaks your privacy with a Bypasser tool and a no-logs policy. You can also enjoy the 24/7 live chat service!

Get Surfshark for Hulu in Canada30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest Network VPN to Pay for Hulu in Canada

Bearing the largest server network in the US, NordVPN lets you pay for Hulu in Canada seamlessly.

With over 5999+ servers globally and with 1970+ US servers, you can pay for Hulu and stream its library in Canada without disconnections or access errors.

As long as you have NordVPN, you can use Hulu in Canada and watch your well-loved shows that are only accessible on the platform. You can choose among Hulu originals or some popular titles and watch Rye Lane in Canada on Hulu or watch Killing Gunther (2017) in Canada on Hulu.


You can connect to the United States #8219 server to unblock and pay for Hulu in Canada.

Recommended: United States #8219 server

For our speed test result, this VPN gave out blazing-fast results at low latency. We tallied an 86.49 download speed and a 79.42 upload speed on our connection with NordVPN.


NordVPN speed test results on a 100 Mbps internet connection.

Similarly, you may stream Netflix, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, and BBC iPlayer. All these services work with Hulu, and you can expect an easy sailing stream as if you’re in the US.

For perfect streaming, you may make use of the 6 simultaneous connections and unlimited bandwidth and enjoy the benefits of NordVPN’s ad-blocking technology. We recommend using the WireGuard protocol for optimal speed and a much more stable connection.

All these services are available over a secure network via the 256-bit key AES encryption, port-forwarding, and a no-logs policy. You can, therefore, pay for Hulu without experiencing any privacy breaches or malicious activity.

Get started with NordVPN and pay for Hulu in Canada instantly. You can score massive discounts with NordVPN for as low as CA$ 5.44/mo (US$ 3.99/mo)- Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free for a friend. Available for a free trial and 24/7 support, NordVPN is an exceptional VPN that caters to how to pay for Hulu in Canada!

Get NordVPN for Hulu in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

Can I Use these Ways to Pay for a Hulu Account on Apple, Android, or other Streaming Devices in Canada?

Yes, you can pay for Hulu on Android, iOS, and other platforms, which also include compatible IoT devices like smart TVs, Fire TVs, Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, and Kodi.

The payment options we discussed are doable with all Hulu-supported devices.

Can you Use Google Play to Pay for Hulu in Canada?

Yes, you can use Google Play to pay for Hulu in Canada. 

If you already have a supported Android device and a Google Play account and you opt to pay for Hulu with Google Play, you can easily do so. You can confirm your payment by going to the billing invoice from the Information section of your Hulu Account page.

What should I do if my VPN is not able to unblock Hulu for payment processing in Canada?

There are quick solutions that you can do if you see that your VPN has not facilitated your payment for Hulu in Canada.

  • Update your device software. You may experience issues as a result of your device’s system update, which may result in platform incompatibility and an automatic log-out from Hulu.
  • Check if your Hulu app needs an update. If there are any available updates, try to update your device. Check to see if there has been an update to Hulu that has caused you problems accessing the platform.
  • Do a quick reboot. You can try restarting or turning your device off and on again. If the problem is not on the platform, you can restart the streaming device, your router, or your WiFi modem.
  • Clear cache and cookies. By doing this, you’re basically deleting your past transactions that may be linked to your Canadian IP address.
  • Contact chat support. Reach out to their live chat team and inquire whether there has been a regionalized service interruption. You can also ask for help to resolve the issue.

Note: If after all these steps have been made, and no improvements were seen, more often than not, Hulu has blacklisted your IP. Try connecting to another US server and see if that solves the issue.

What to Watch on Hulu in 2024

Addicted Save It or Sell It Season 1
Baby Boy Love & WWE Season 1
Big Momma’s House Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2
Black Knight Johnson Season 1-3
The Cabin in the Woods 50/50 Flip Season 2
Safe Home Season 1 The Conners Season 6
Call Me By Your Name Not Dead Yet Season 2

FAQs: How to Pay for Hulu in Canada

Your subscription can be billed monthly or annually. If your Hulu subscription is billed directly by Hulu, Amazon, or Roku, you can view past and incoming charges on your Hulu Account page.

Hulu is probably not accepting your card in Canada due to invalid expiration date: Either your credit card has expired, or the expiration date you input was incorrect.

This is not a US-issued card: Hulu requires that your issuing bank is in the US. Government-issued identification card: Government-issued identification cards are not accepted now.

Yes, you can use Amazon to pay for Hulu using Link your Amazon Pay to your Hulu and renew/purchase your subscription. You may also get your Hulu gift cards on Amazon. However, you need a VPN to pay for your Hulu subscription in Canada.

In Canada, the basic service costs CA$10.87 (US$7.99) per month with advertisements, while the premium service costs CA$20.40 or USD14.99 per month without displaying promotional ads. Furthermore, both services provide users with a free trial period.

You can create a Hulu without credit card account in Canada by getting a gift card subscription.

Buy a gift card and finish the payment. Wait for a verification code in your email. Then, enter the code at When you enter the code and click Redeem, you’ll have a Hulu account even without a credit card.

Wrapping Up

You’ve probably gotten the answer to how to pay for Hulu in Canada now.

Once you have a US IP address, you can get through Hulu and access its services even while you’re in the region where it does not operate. There are 5 payment options for you once you’re already connected with a VPN – you can pay through Paypal, Hulu gift card, StatesCard, Prepaid US Card, and iTunes. Other payment options also include Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

To finish the payment process, you should first connect to a US server from the best VPN for Hulu in Canada. Our test shows ExpressVN is the most reliable option with fast servers and zero overload issues. If your VPN is not working with Hulu, you can do some quick reboots like restarting your device or updating your app. Happy streaming!