How to Watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max

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Is Starstruck coming back? Absolutely Yes! Starstruck season 3 is back with the captivating chemistry between Jessie and Tom, two years after their breakup. In order to experience all the fun, watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on max with ExpressVPN.

Catch all the heartfelt moments through Max, the platform born after the merger of HBO Max and Discovery+. You can easily unlock Max’s licensing restrictions to watch Max or HBO Max in Canada and stream Starstruck season 3 online.

Also, if you don’t want to miss out on the excitement of the BBC comedy series, watch Starstruck season 3 with Max free trial. Keep reading to explore more about how to watch Starstruck season 3 in Canada on Max.

How to Watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max [Step-by-Step]

Here’s a quick guide to watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max, follow these steps to get access on the upcoming season

  • Subscribe to a secure VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Install the ExpressVPN app.
  • Connect to the US Server, ideally New York.
  • Sign in to your account on the Max website.
  • Search and watch Starstruck Season 3
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What platform is Starstruck Season 3 on?

The enthralling show primarily airs on BBC Three and will be available on Max on September 28, 2023. Viewers will be able to watch Starstruck season 3 online for free.


Catch all the entertainment with a single subscription to Max in Canada!

Max is an affordable streaming platform, making it the best fit to stream Starstruck in 2023. This means you don’t need to worry about spending huge sums on subscriptions.

However, Max has strict geo-restriction policies that make it unavailable to access in Canada. To watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max and get your hands on HBO Max Bundles, bypass these limitations by subscribing to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Now, if you wonder “What streaming service is Starstruck on”? You have surely got your answers sorted. All binge-watchers who wish to watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max online for free? Hop on!

Can I Watch Starstruck Season 3 Free Using Max Free Trial?

Yes, you can watch Starstruck season 3 in Canada on Max free using a Max free trial. All Amazon Prime and Hulu subscribers are lucky enough to get a free trial as Max itself doesn’t offer such free subscriptions.

Amazon Prime subscribers can take advantage of the 7-day Max or HBO Max free trial. The subscription charges CA$ 13.39/month after the trial ends. Hulu subscribers can also enjoy this generous week-long free trial by enabling the Max add-on.

Regardless of the platforms, you can cancel Max or HBO Max subscription any time before the trial ends to avoid additional charges. All in one, Starstruck Season 3 can be watched online for free by enabling a secure VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restriction.

Let’s move ahead to know all the details related to Starstruck Season 3 on Max.

When is Starstruck Season 3 coming out?

Starstruck Season 3 is launched in the UK but will begin a month later in the USA as the best comedies premiered on Max. Starstruck Season 3 started on BBC Three in the UK on August 28. It will premiere on Max on September 28, 2023.

As you all are updated with Starstruck Season 3 release date, it’s time to uproar the excitement a little more and tell you about the highly anticipated plot to watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max.

What is the Plot of Starstruck Season 3?

Starstruck Season 3 starts two years after the break-up when Jessie is confronted by the consequences of her decisions and adulthood pressures while her friends move further into the next stages of their lives. She continues to struggle about what she is looking for in life.

The Starstruck season 3 finale will unfold where the irresistible mutual attraction will lead Jessie and Tom who meet each other again.

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Is There Any Trailer For Starstruck Season 3?

Yes, the official trailer is out on YouTube on Max’s official channel. The Starstruck Season 3 trailer was released on 29th August 2023. The trailer offers a look inside the crucial happenings in the life of protagonist Jessie.

Watch Starstruck season 3 in 2023 and enjoy another eventful season filled with drama, comedy, and Jessie’s self–discovery.

Continue to read to know how many episodes of Starstruck Season 3 are.

How Many Episodes Starstruck Season 3 Have?

Starstruck season 3 has 6 episodes in total. A few episodes will be aired in the UK before the season will launch in the US. All Starstruck Season 3 episodes can be watched online on Max.

The Starstruck Season 3 episodes list is as follows:

Episode No. Episode Description Episode Airing Date
1 Jessie and Tom meet each other at Kate and Ian’s wedding after the breakup. Sept 28, 2023
2 Jessie enjoys a date with Liam while Tom decides to get engaged to Kate. Sept 28, 2023
3 Jessie and Tom’s relationship is ignited again, making Jessie decide how to proceed with the past relationship.  Sept 28, 2023
4 Jessie and her friends organize a country-side picnic. Ian shares a secret unknown to Jessie. Sept 28, 2023
5 Tom’s wedding is near when he decides to confess a secret to Clem. Jessie loses her self-confidence when her 33rd birthday celebration fails.  Sept 28, 2023
6 Tom tries to get back with Jessie. Is it too late or will they be able to rekindle their relationship? Sept 28, 2023

You can also watch Starstruck Season 3 episodes for free on Max or HBO Max on Firestick, with a secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

Starstruck season 3 complete episodes recap will be available after it gets premiered in the US on Max.

How Many Seasons Are There in the Starstruck Series?

There are 3 seasons of the Starstruck Series. The fans in the USA can watch Starstruck Season 3, once it is aired in September on Max. All those viewers who haven’t watched a single episode of the series can catch up on the first two seasons.

Starstruck Season 1

Episode No

Episode Description 

Episode Airing Date
1  A tipsy Jessie has a one-night stand with Tom, an international film star. June 10, 2021
2 Tom and Jessie had a meeting after three months to release tension from the growing relationship. June 10, 2021
3 Jessie and Kate’s murder mystery party is interrupted by Tom. June 10, 2021
4 Kate asks Jessie to go to Tom’s film premiere with her. June 10, 2021
5 Jessie and Tom struggle at their jobs after the fight. June 10, 2021
6 Tom interrupts the farewell Christmas dinner for Jessie with hopes of reconciling. June 10, 2021

Starstruck Season 2

Episode No

Episode Description 

Episode Airing Date
1  Jessie’s bold move to stay in New York is hurdled by being jobless, and having no belongings and place to stay. Feb 7, 2022
2  Jessie dismisses the idea of celebrating Christmas with Tom’s family. Feb 7, 2022
3 Jessie is not comfortable among Tom’s family members during the New Year gathering. Feb 7,  2022
4 Tom and Jessie are not able to meet because of Tom’s schedules. Feb 7, 2022
5 Jessie and Tom’s relationship is at risk when they’re offered new jobs. Feb 7, 2022
6 Jessie reflects on the breakup and the reasons behind it after Tom leaves for NY. Feb 7, 2022

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Who is in the Cast of Starstruck Season 3?

The cast of Starstruck is back with all the glam, comedy, and amazing acting skills in Season 3. Let’s have a quick glance at Starstruck cast 2023.

Starstruck Season 3 Cast 2023

Rose Matafeo Nikesh Patel
Foluke Anglin Shiloh Coke
Amy Gledhill Lorne MacFayden
Lola-Rose Maxwell Ayla Meikle
Selina Mosinski Jon Pointing
AI Roberts Nic Sampson
Emma Sidi Emily Vinnicombe

The Starstruck Season 3 welcomes Liam, Jessie’s new love interest played by Lorne MacFadyen, the electrician Jessie will meet at Kate’s wedding. Reading this, you should gear up yourselves to watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max.

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Starstruck Season 3


Starstruck Season 3 is filmed primarily in London and areas around the United Kingdom. Fans can witness glimpses of Gunnersbury Park, located mainly in London Borough of Hounslow between Acton, Brentford, Chiswick, and Ealing, West London, England.

Season 3 of Starstruck has already premiered in the UK and it will arrive a month later on 28th Sept, 2023 on Max in the US as one of the most popular comedy series. Starstruck Season 3 was officially launched on BBC Three in the UK on 28 August 2023.

Yes, Starstruck Season 3 is already in the United Kingdom but will be available after a month in the United States. Starstruck Season 3 was launched on the official channel of BBC Three in the UK on August, 28th and soon will be available on Max on the 28th of September 2023.

Wrapping Up

Starstruck Season 3 offers fans a heartwarming and comical experience on the art of growing up while handling life struggles and romantic relationships. ExpressVPN is the key to watch Starstruck Season 3 in Canada on Max with robust speed and security.

To watch Starstruck Season 3, you shouldn’t hold back due to geo-restriction policies and strict guards for free VPNs. Get yourself our highly recommended premium ExpressVPN for seamless delivery of content.