How to Watch Tour of Britain 2023 Live in Canada on ITV [Free]

The good news is that you can easily stream Tour of Britain 2023 in Canada using ExpressVPNTour of Britain 2023 is a road cycling race for men. This will be the 19th running of it, making it the perfect opportunity for sports fans to watch Tour of Britain 2023 live in Canada on ITV.

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How to Watch Tour of Britain 2023 live in Canada on ITV?

Ready to access Tour of Britain 2023 free from anywhere on ITV? Here’s what you need to do to watch Tour of Britain 2023 live in Canada on ITV using our favorite VPN service:

  1. Subscribe to the premium VPN. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  2. Download and install the VPN app to your device.
  3. Connect to a UK server.
  4. Go to and log in or Sign up.
  5. Search for the 19th edition Tour of Britain 2023 and start watching in Canada.
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When and Where to Watch Tour of Britain 2023?

Tour of Britain 2023 starts on 3rd September and will continue till 10th September. And you can watch Tour of Britain 2023 live in Canada on ITV.

The thrilling cycling race will be aired live in the UK on ITV4, and you can catch up on the live coverage on ITV HUB in real time. Otherwise, you can always catch the reruns and highlights on ITVX a few hours after the live transmission.

However, since you are in Canada, you will need to subscribe to a VPN to stream from this platform. We believe that ExpressVPN is the option to watch ITV in Canada and enjoy all the latest in sports from Britain and around the globe.

What is Tour of Britain 2023 About?

Tour of Britain 2023 is the UK’s biggest and leading cycling championship in the world, which takes place in September every year. The race is being conducted on the British roads, and the contestants race across Great Britain to reach the finishing spot.

The racing event consists of eight stages and continues for eight days. Over 100 professional cyclists are welcomed each year to participate in this event, including the well-trained riders from British Cycling’s Senior Academy program.

In this edition, sixteen top teams compete, including Tour de France champions Jumbo-Visma and home fan favorites INEOS Grenadier. The race starts in Manchester on 3rd September and culminates in the finale in South Wales on 10th September, completing all eight stages according to the regulations of UCI.

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What Is the Schedule of Tour of Britain 2023?

Fans can find a complete schedule of Tour of Britain 2023 here.

Stage one: Altrincham > Manchester


Sunday 3 September

Live: 11:30am – 4:30pm



Highlights: 8pm – 9pm



Stage five: Felixstowe > Felixstowe



Thursday 7 September

Live: 10:30am – 4pm



Highlights: 9pm – 10pm


Stage two: Wrexham > Wrexham



Monday 4 September

Live: 11:30am – 3:15pm



Highlights: 8pm – 9pm



Stage six: Southend-on-Sea > Harlow



Friday 8 September

Live: 11:30am – 4pm



Highlights: 8pm – 9pm


Stage three: Goole > Beverley



Tuesday 5 September

Live: 11:15am – 4pm



Highlights: 8pm – 9pm



Stage seven: Tewkesbury > Gloucester



Saturday 9 September

Live: 10:45am – 3:45pm



Highlights: 8pm – 9pm


Stage four: Sherwood Forest > Newark-on-Trent



Wednesday 6 September

Live: 11am – 4pm



Highlights: 8pm – 9pm



Stage eight: Margam Country Park > Caerphilly



Sunday 10 September

Live: 11am – 4pm



Highlights: 8pm – 9pm



What is the Tour of Britain 2023 Route?

This time, the 19th edition of Tour of Britain 2023 will visit England and Wales and proceed to crowning its next championship. If you are looking for further details about the 19th edition’s route and keen to know where to watch Tour of Britain 2023, you can check all the relevant details below.

Stage one  

Altrincham > Manchester


Stage five

Felixstowe > Felixstowe


Stage two



Wrexham > Wrexham


Stage six


Southend-on-Sea > Harlow
Stage three


Goole > Beverley



Stage seven


Tewkesbury > Gloucester
Stage four Sherwood Forest > Newark-on-Trent



Stage eight


Margam Country Park > Caerphilly


How many Teams are Competing in the Tour of Britain 2023?

16 teams come together to mark another sports history and try win the championship. Following are the teams that are going to participate this year. Remember, you can watch Tour of Britain 2023 live in Canada on ITV and watch them in action!

Bingoal WB (Belgium) Jumbo – Visma (Netherlands)
Bolton Equities Black Spoke (New Zealand) Movistar Team (Spain)
BORA – hansgrohe (Germany) Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team (Switzerland)
Equipo Kern Pharma (Spain) Saint Piran (Great Britain)
Global 6 Cycling (New Zealand) TDT – Unibet Cycling Team (Netherlands)
Great Britain Cycling Team (Great Britain) Team DSM – Firmenich (Netherlands)
INEOS Grenadiers (Great Britain) Team Flanders – Baloise (Belgium)
TRINITY Racing (Great Britain) Uno-X Pro Cycling Team (Norway)

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What is the Prize Money for Tour of Britain 2023?

The total prize fund for the 19th edition is €113,080, which will be awarded to the various winners throughout the event.

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Gonzalo Serrano of Movistar Team won the 18th edition of the UK’s biggest Cycling race, Tour of Britain 2022.

ITV4 of ITV HUB exclusively televises the entire Tour of Britain 2023. Viewers can stream all the eight stages with highlights.The reruns are available on ITV.

The Tour of Britain 2023 will start on Sunday, 3rd September, and last until 10th September.

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Wrapping Up!

Cycling enthusiasts, be ready to watch the Tour of Britain 2023 live in Canada on ITV as these super-talented teams display their prowess in the world-leading cycle race.

If you are away or want to stream this competition in Canada, subscribe to ExpressVPN today. Only four days are left till the UK’s biggest cycling competition, so get ready!