NordVPN Speed Test in Canada – [2022 Review]

Numerous features in the NordVPN Speed Test tool allow you to gauge your VPN connection precisely. One cannot ignore mentioning NordVPN in Canada when discussing one of the most expensive VPN options available. To put it another way, NordVPN is an excellent option for security, servers, and especially speeds.”

How fast is NordVPN? NordVPN offers an incredibly fast downloading speed of 96.92 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. One of the top VPN services available in Canada is NordVPN. We did numerous NordVPN performance testing utilizing nine different regions around the world to assess the performance of NordVPN in Canada. This blog contains all the information you require on the NordVPN speed test results for Canada.”

“Before diving into NordVPN’s thorough speed tests, we also suggest reading the comprehensive review of NordVPN in Canada to learn more about its other cutting-edge features.”

If you want the best possible results, disable any other sites and Apps that might consume a significant amount of bandwidth. During the test, close any unused tabs and refrain from using Netflix or Twitch.


How Fast is NordVPN? [Quick Overview – NordVPN Speed Test]

Here is a table with a summary of the NordVPN speed test findings for Canada using nine distinct server locations across the world in case you are short on time and can’t go through the entire article.

As you further read the article, these speed test findings are broken down by continent. By configuring NordVPN on Roku, you can unblock any broadcast channel you can imagine.

Country Servers Download Speed Upload Speed Pings
Canada 93.57 Mbps 89.52 Mbps 194 ms
Brazil 96.92 Mbps 38.58 Mbps 487 ms
Germany 90.59 Mbps 25.67 Mbps 124 ms
United Kingdom 92.84 Mbps 97.67 Mbps 265 ms
Hong Kong 91 Mbps 93.09 Mbps 112 ms
Japan 92.25 Mbps 93.41 Mbps 156 ms
Singapore 89.59 Mbps 98.09 Mbps 84 ms
United States 92.09 Mbps 87.75 Mbps 477 ms
Australia 91 Mbps 91.25 Mbps 131 ms


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We performed NordVPN full Analysis to give in-depth information.

How Fast is NordVPN? [Full Analysis – NordVPN Speed Test]

We tested nine different NordVPN server locations with our 100 Mbps internet connection to get a strong understanding of how NordVPN functions in Canada across multiple servers. Using the Ookla speed test tool, we examined the ping, download, and upload rates across various servers. NordVPN also provides the best remote VPN services for people doing remote work.

By Utilizing three crucial parameters, Speedtest will assess the speed of both your VPN and your internet connection. Megabits per second (Mbps) is the unit used to assess upload and download speeds. You will also receive a ping score. Here is what each of them means:

  • Download Speed

How quickly or gradually data from the internet is delivered to you is measured by the download speed. The quicker you can watch films, download files, and browse other domains, the higher this number will be. A download speed of approximately 20 to 25 Mbps is optimal.

  • Upload Speed

The rate at which you convey information and demands to the web is known as your upload speed. If you’re broadcasting to other devices, such during a video conversation or on Instagram Live, having a slow upload speed will be an issue. For casual personal use, you want an upload speed of about 3 Mbps, and if you need to broadcast high-definition video with others, you need an upload speed of about 10 Mbps.

  • Pings

A result for your “ping speed,” which stands for the total speed, will also be provided. Your internet will be faster the lower your ping value. Let’s say that while using a VPN, your Speedtest analysis confirms 80 pings. That indicates that a data packet was delivered from your device to a server and returned in around 80 milliseconds.

Note: Do you know? Two well-known VPN companies, Surfshark and NordVPN, have announced a merger that could be the biggest VPN transaction on record.

How Fast are NordVPN Servers Globally?

With our 100 Mbps internet connection, we tested nine different NordVPN server locations to get a good idea of how the service performs in Canada across different servers.  After performing the speed test, Japan is regarded as the fastest country on NordVPN, with a download speed of 527.1 Mbps.

North American Servers

We examined NordVPN’s servers in Canada for use in North America. Test a server from each region and examine the results we obtain.


We linked to NordVPN’s Montreal server while in Canada to conduct testing. Moreover, the Montreal server performed admirably, which is hard to believe. We obtained a download speed of 93.57 Mbps and an upload speed of 89.52 Mbps after conducting the test. That’s only a 7% to 11% speed reduction! Being so close to our position, the server, it was to be expected.



We obtained a download speed of 96.92 Mbps using the Brazilian server location. You can see that NordVPN increased our speeds if you evaluate the two pictures above. This indicates that our ISP was limiting our connection. Brazil is NordVPN’s top server since it had the quickest download speeds during our testing.

However, NordVPN was only able to produce an upload speed of 38.5 Mbps, which is a significant decrease in speed. The delay was also very high.


European Servers

Even though the UK is not a member of the EU, it is still a part of the continent. We thus evaluated NordVPN’s UK and German servers in the Europe region.


When we linked to the Germany – Berlin server, we observed a rather massive decrease in our upload speeds of more than 60%. While we were able to obtain a download speed of 90.59 Mbps, our upload speed was just 25.67 Mbps. We measured the pings at just 124 ms, which is incredibly good.


United Kingdom

We conducted a NordVPN speed test on the UK – London server after Germany. This time, the upload rates were excellent (97.67 Mbps). We could easily play games and upload torrent content on this server with such a boost of about 7%. With a decrease of only 3%, the download speeds (92.84 Mbps) were also reasonably good.


Asian Servers

We evaluated more than two NordVPN locations from the Asian region. Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Israel are a few of these. Here are the outcomes of their NordVPN speed test:

Hong Kong

Both upload and download speeds on NordVPN’s Hong Kong server were rather good, at 93.09 Mbps and 91 Mbps, respectively. As you can see in the statistics above, we actually only experienced a 1% decrease in download speeds and a 3% rise in upload rates. Our pings were decreased by the HK server too though, which is really amazing. While utilizing this server when traveling, we had poor NordVPN speeds on Android, but there were no problems with any desktop Apps.



In our NordVPN speed test, the Japanese server performed remarkably well. Only with 156 ms pings, we were able to achieve download speeds of 92.25 Mbps and upload speeds of 93.41 Mbps. That’s actually not too bad, is it? There won’t be any NordVPN performance concerns on this server because our upload speeds really boosted.



We then connected to the Singapore server to conduct our NordVPN speed test. Only one server location with the smallest pings was this one. Only 84 ms pings were received when we conducted the test. We saw outstanding download and upload speeds of 89.59 Mbps and 98.09 Mbps, respectively. We observed an 8% increase in upload speed, which was very close to our rated speed.


United States Servers

We absolutely did not anticipate that the connection to the US server would be efficient. Amazingly, it could still provide download and upload speeds of 92.09 Mbps and 87.75 Mbps, respectively. At 477 ms, the pings were pretty high this time. We only advise NordVPN for PCs due to the sluggish speeds we experienced on Android when utilizing the US server.



The NordVPN server, located in Melbourne, Australia, was the winner. After connecting and using this server’s speed test, we saw that neither our download nor upload rates had significantly decreased. More specifically, our download speed was 91 Mbps, upload speed was 91.25 Mbps, and ping was 131 ms after connecting to NordVPN.


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Is NordVPN good for Torrenting in Canada?

Yes, NordVPN is a better alternative for torrenting because of its specialized P2P-optimized servers. At the same time, it is not the only solution available in the market that integrates lightning-fast servers with DNS/IP leak security and other security measures necessary to keep you safe when torrenting.

In our evaluation, NordVPN’s torrenting speeds were excellent as well. While linked to NordVPN’s Atlanta server, we downloaded a 1.48 GB Ubuntu version using the uTorrent software.

We only needed 15 minutes to download the content fully. Regarding download speeds, we had an acceptable average of 9.9 MB/s.

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Does NordVPN increase internet speed?

In general, internet speed decreases less the closer a server is to the computer. Having said that, a few nations provide higher internet speeds, which helps your VPN function more quickly.

The best VPN for Cellular Networks can be just as secure as your Wi-Fi connection for users who frequently use mobile data.

These tests typically display one thing: a high-end VPN provider in Canada, like NordVPN, wouldn’t significantly slow down your internet connection.

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What Affects NordVPN Connection Speed?

NordVPN will impact your internet speed in most cases. Usually, a drop of 30% of your actual speed is considered normal when you connect to a VPN server in the most suitable conditions.

However, NordVPN consistently decreases our download speed from 100 Mbps to 80-90 Mbps in Canada. It gets better upon reboot, but after an hour, it goes down to 70 Mbps.

NordVPN may, in some circumstances, increase your internet speed. For instance, if you have problems with ISP throttling in Canada, NordVPN can really get around it to boost your internet speeds.

What are the Features of NordVPN?

NordVPN offers one of the most extensive suites of features that ensures versatile protection.‘What are the benefits of NordVPN?’ The benefits of NordVPN go beyond the fundamental VPN service and include other functionalities. Some of these increase protection, while others guarantee usability.

Some of the NordVPN features are SmartPlay, Specialty servers, Split tunneling, Pausing and auto-connect, Presets, Meshnet, Next-generation encryption, Strict no logs policy, Threat Protection, Dark Web Monitor, Automatic Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, Secure up to 6 devices simultaneously and 24/7 customer support.

With the help of the unique feature known as SmartPlay, you may get around restrictions on streaming media and easily access the video from any location. It proactively connects when you use NordVPN and attempts to access streaming services like Hulu, HBO Now, and others.

Are VPNs leaking DNS? Yes, and are you now seeking ways to Prevent VPN DNS Leaks? Use a VPN with DNS leak protection, like NordVPN, or manually configure a DNS server.

Additionally, this technique can be used on devices without NordVPN software. Most devices with internet access let you adjust the DNS settings, making it possible to use SmartDNS and NordVPN SmartPlay without a client.

Therefore, if one of your key concerns when choosing a VPN is streaming content, NordVPN has you wrapped. Just remember that SmartDNS is not a security feature and that using it without a client adds no layer of encryption.
Specialty servers

You’ll have the best experience using a server that has been specifically configured for your needs if you’re looking to use a VPN for that situation. NordVPN provides that, along with a long list of specialized servers like Dedicated IP servers, Double VPN servers, Obfuscated servers, P2P servers, and Onion over VPN servers.
Split tunneling

Next-generation encryption
Your online data is encrypted with a VPN so that others cannot see it or misuse it. To dismiss that window, you need a Vpn connection with encryption.

Strict no logs policy
One that doesn’t track (or log) the traffic that flows through its servers is known as a “no-log VPN.” Since many countries require services to store data for at least a short period of time, it is more complicated than it seems to do this.

Threat Protection
With CyberSec, NordVPN has long provided extra security. But now that we have our threat Detection Protection feature, it’s time to take your online security to the next level.

Even when you’re not linked to a VPN server, your browsing will be protected once you activate the Threat Protection option in the NordVPN app’s settings.

Automatic Kill Switch
A function of the VPN kill switch stops your device from establishing unsecured connections. Your connection to the remote server is monitored continuously by it. The VPN Kill Switch disables your device’s ability to access the internet if it lowers unexpectedly (or specific apps).

‘Can you be tracked through NordVPN?’ No, your IP address and browser traffic cannot be traced anymore. But, if you employ a subpar VPN, you can still be traced out.

A high-quality VPN encrypts data and masks your IP address by channeling your activity through a VPN server; even if somebody attempts to track your traffic, they will see the IP address of the VPN server and pure nonsense. Furthermore, only the data you give websites or applications you log into can be used to track you.

‘Is NordVPN safe for banking?’ Yes, NordVPN is safe for banking due to the strength of its encryption and its privacy protections, NordVPN may be the best VPN for banking.

Because NordVPN offers next-generation encryption, you can be sure that no one will be able to observe your internet usage, sensitive data, or financial transactions. It secures up to 6 devices simultaneously and provide 24/7 customer support

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FAQs – NordVPN Speed Test

Yes, in Canada, NordVPN is relatively quick. On our 100 Mbps connection throughout our testing, it delivered a lightning-fast downloading speed of 96.92 Mbps. We conducted NordVPN speed tests on nine servers across the globe to evaluate NordVPN’s speeds in Canada.

Try the following if your connection to NordVPN on Windows is suffering a slowdown: Restart the computer. Reset your modem or router. Try using a VPN only on your computer or phone if your router is configured with one but the speed is unsatisfactory.

Yes, NordVPN is the best option for reducing unethical bandwidth throttling based on your online activities. You will always get the greatest performance because of its extremely high speeds. You can always pick the server that fits perfectly for you, thanks to NordVPN’s wide selection of servers.

Yes, NordVPN provides the fastest bandwidth available, making it the clear winner among VPNs for online gaming. With more than 5200 servers spread out around the globe, you can be sure to find one nearby and start playing without any lag.  

Wrap Up!

After compiling all the data from the NordVPN speed test in Canada, it became clear to us why it is one of the most well-known VPNs in Canada. The performance of NordVPN in Canada was excellent across the board.

Its download rates hardly ever fell below 90 Mbps. The only servers where we noticed sluggish upload speeds were those in Brazil and Germany, but the findings were still over 25 Mbps even then.

In terms of actual use, we can state that NordVPN could stream HD Netflix videos without any lag throughout our tests and easily download huge torrent files.