How to Watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job on BBC iPlayer in Canada


Let’s watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in Canada on BBC iPlayer.

With their forthcoming BBC iPlayer series airing on 06 January 2023, Amanda & Alan will fulfill their dream. The duo buys a low-cost house in the sun-drenched hills of Sicily and transforms it into a luxurious vacation home.

As BBC iPlayer is a UK-based VOD streaming service, it is nearly impossible to stream BBC iPlayer in Canada. You must be fretting about how to watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in Canada on BBC iPlayer.

Relax! there is a simple workaround to avoid such obstacles. With the help of a trusted VPN service like ExpressVPN, it is easy to bypass the geo-blocks and sign up for BBC iPlayer.

How to Watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in Canada – Easy Steps

The four easy steps below will help you stream Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in Canada.

  • On your device, install and activate a VPN service. We advised using ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to the UK server from the server’s location. (It is advised to use the Dockland server.)
  • Now, open the BBC iPlayer official website or app and sign in with your email address and password.
  • You’re all set to watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job on BBC iPlayer in Canada.

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Where can I watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job?

You can watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job on BBC iPlayer and BBC One. Because BBC iPlayer is geographically restricted in Canada due to licensing laws, you can get around these limitations by getting a reliable VPN. it’s very easy to bypass the geo-block imposed by the platform and sign up for a BBC iPlayer free trial.

A VPN allows you to change your location and access Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in Canada without restrictions or hurdles.

Besides this, our recommended BBC iPlayer VPN lets you access other shows on BBC iPlayer too. For instance, you can watch Hairy Bikers Go Local, Handover and Allocation Draw in Canada.

When is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job coming on BBC iPlayer?

Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job will return to BBC iPlayer on the coming Friday, 06 January 2023.

What is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job about?

The plot of Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job this time is trying to do everything by hand, including plumbing, painting, and plastering, and hiring local artisans to help them keep the project on schedule.

Although Amanda Holden and Alan Carr have previously remodeled their homes, they have never attempted a project of this magnitude.

They immerse themselves in Sicilian culture as they transform their deplorable property into a livable space. They face additional challenges due to the language barrier and the heat of the Mediterranean summer.

Who are in the Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job?

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job cast comprises real-life best friends and the beloved celebrities of British Amanda Holden and Alan Carr.

Alan Carr is a renowned Comedian, whereas Amanda Holden is one of the judges of the well-acclaimed show Britain’s Got Talent.

The TV presenter duo shared enthusiasm for travel and interior design. For their new show, they attempt to renovate an Italian apartment.

How many episodes does Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job have?

The series has a total of eight episodes. Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job release date for the first episode is 06 January 2023.

Check out the following Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job episodes and the airing date guide for the remaining episodes:

Episode Release Date
01 06 January 2023, Friday
02 13 January 2023, Friday
03 20 January 2023, Friday
04 27 January 2023, Friday
05 03 February 2023, Friday
06 10 February 2023, Friday
07 17 February 2023, Friday
08 24 February 2023, Friday

Is there a trailer for Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job?

Yes, there is. Check out the Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job trailer that BBC has dropped on its official website as well as on its YouTube Channel.

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Amanda & Alan's Italian Job


Yes! Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job is a show that helps you better understand the construction and interior design industry. Aiming to create their Italian dream home, the duo first arrived at a crumbling estate welcomed by piles of rubbish and discarded trash. Nevertheless, they managed to transform it into a luxury villa.

Alex Mucadum has directed the latest season of Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job.

Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job was shot in an apartment of a hilltop village of Salemi on the island of Sicily. Located on the western side, the island is famous for its steep, twisting alleys and breathtaking scenery. It was severely damaged by an earthquake in January 1968.

Wrap Up

Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job is an exciting and educational TV show that BBC iPlayer brings in 2023. Along with all the fun and entertainment, you can gain a better understanding of the construction industry and interior design.

So, without wasting time, subscribe to ExpressVPN and watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job as well as many other comedy films on BBC iPlayer in Canada hassle-free.