How to Watch Better Series 1 on BBC iPlayer in Canada


Wondering how to watch Better Series 1 on BBC iPlayer in Canada?

You can access BBC iPlayer in Canada and watch Better Series 1 by connecting through ExpressVPN with a UK server, as the platform is geo-restricted outside the UK.

The plot of Better Series 1 is an exciting narrative of redemption where a corrupt police officer attempts to straighten her life after her son’s near-death experience. The plot twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat. The first season of Better is now available on BBC iPlayer.

As mentioned above that the title is inaccessible in Canada due to BBC iPlayer being geo-restricted outside UK. We recommend using ExpressVPN to connect to a UK server and stream EastEnders, Great Expectations in Canada or any other series on BBC iPlayer.

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to access Better Series 1 on BBC iPlayer in Canada.

How to Watch Better Series 1 on BBC iPlayer in Canada Via VPN  [Quick Steps]

Follow these quick steps to learn How to Watch Better Series 1 on BBC iPlayer in Canada using a VPN.

  1. Join a reputable VPN. ExpressVPN is our first and primary recommendation.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Connect the server to the UK (Docklands)
  4. Log in to your BBC iPlayer account using your username and password.
  5. Search Better series 1 in the search bar and start streaming.

Where can I Watch Better Series 1?

Better series 1 is available on BBC iPlayer. But, if you reside in Canada, you won’t be able to utilize BBC iPlayer because of the restrictions placed on the service based on its location.

You are in luck since you can get around these limits by downloading a reputable and effective virtual private network service (such as ExpressVPN) that allows you to modify your IP location to get around geographical restrictions.

Give yourself a unique deal as a reward. How? You may get a free trial of BBC iPlayer by just signing up for it. Therefore, enjoy the better series without spending a dime.

What is the Release Date of Better Series 1?

Do you want to know, the Better BBC drama release date? The Better Series 1 release date was February 13th, with new episodes running every Monday night at 9 o’clock. So, go ahead and watch BBC iPlayer on Smart TV and enjoy all of the episodes right immediately from the comfort of your home.

What is Better all About?

Col. McHugh was a low-ranking member of the Leeds underworld who was ambitious and cruel. When Lou was a junior officer and at the lowest point in her career nineteen years ago, their paths met for the first time.

Col became the wealthy and powerful leader of a drug smuggling gang due to a bargain that he and his partner made, allowing him to masquerade as a handsome entrepreneur and real estate developer. The arrangement also ruined the lives of the two partners for good.

In turn, Lou was able to renew her faltering profession. Still, to do so, she progressively sank into corruption, aiding Col here and there as a particular affinity formed between the two.

But now that her family is in danger, Lou’s conscience has finally begun to surface, and she is determined to make up for the wrongs she has caused. Yet, to achieve atonement, she must bring the highly dangerous guy she adores, like a brother, to justice.

Who are in Better Series 1 BBC Drama?

Here is the list of Better Series 1 cast: 

  1. Charley Webb as Elise
  2. Emily Pithon as Marta
  3. Gavin Spokes as DI Phil Cowper
  4. Kaya Moore as Noel Wilkes
  5. Lucy Black as DCI Sandy Mosby
  6. Garry Cooper as Peter ‘Bulgey’ Donovan
  7. Ceallach Spellman as Donal McHugh
  8. Olivia Nakintu as DC Esther Okoye
  9. Zak Ford-Williams as Owen Davies
  10. Samuel Edward-Cook as Ceri Davies
  11. Andrew Buchan as Col McHugh
  12. Leila Farzad as DI Lou Slack
  13. Alex Williams as Aftar Malik
  14. Samuel Edward-Cook as Ceri Davies
  15. Souad Faress as Zaara Slack

How Many Episodes are there in Better BBC drama?

There are 5 Better Series 1 episode totaling 59 minutes in length. The following four episodes aired weekly, with the season finale that was aired on March 13th, 2022. The entire season is also available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

  • Episode 1: February 13th, 2023
  • Episode 2: February 20th, 2023
  • Episode 3: February 27th, 2023
  • Episode 4: March 6th, 2023
  • Episode 5 (Finale): March 13th, 2023

What is Better IMDb rating?

Better BBC drama IMDB rating is 6.5/10. The IMDb rating is one of the most common and dependable ways to assess the quality of a film. IMDb, which has a large database of movies and TV episodes, allows users to rate and review their favorite titles, assisting others in making educated decisions.

What’s the Age limit and Genre of Better Series 1?

The minimum age requirement for watching Better Season 1 is not indicated; nevertheless, owing to the adult subject matter, it is suggested that viewers be at least 18 years old. This show falls within the category of criminal dramas.

Where was BBC better filmed?

The filming of  Better takes place in Leeds, and all of its scenes were shot in and around the West Yorkshire region in the year 2022.

The ensemble was sighted by the local media shooting sequences at a number of significant places over the course of the previous year, including the Corn Exchange in the city as well as the Sir Fred Hoyle bypass in neighboring Bingley.

Is there a Trailer of Better Series 1?

Yes, here is the Better Series 1 trailer:

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Better Series 1


If you like crime dramas, Better Season 1 is something you should consider. The five-part thriller explores the complex and powerful bonds of devotion and family in a world where everyone has their own view of what is good and evil.

Hettie MacDonald directed the pilot episode of Better Series 1, while John Hayes handled the rest of the episodes.

Better BBC drama filming locations include a variety of locations in and around Leeds and West Yorkshire.

BBC One aired the show Better across the UK. The first season of Better is available to watch for free on BBC iPlayer right now.

Wrap up

We hope this guide helps you in learning all the necessary steps to watch Better Series 1 on BBC iPlayer in Canada.

The first season of the British crime drama “Better Season 1” made its debut on the BBC iPlayer. The plot of the series centers on Detective Lou Slack, who has a spiritual reawakening after her son’s near-death experience and decides to end 20 years of institutionalized corruption.

Outside of the United Kingdom, access to BBC iPlayer is restricted; however, if you use a premium VPN subscription, you will be able to access BBC iPlayer in Canada and watch Better Season 1. ExpressVPN is the best VPN we’ve tested due to its user-friendly interface, huge server network, and advanced security settings.

You can cancel BBC iPlayer subscription anytime if you want to, but we do not recommend doing that as it is a free-to-stream service.