How to Watch Bookie Season 1 Without Cable in Canada on Max

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Bookie, a Chuck Lorre and Nick Bakay comedy, tracks LA bookie Danny navigating potential sports gambling legalization in California with humor. Premiering on Max on Nov 30, it promises laughs. If you are stressed about how to watch Bookie Season 1 or are curious about its cast and detailed synopsis, then this blog is for you.

How to Watch Bookie Season 1 Without Cable in Canada on Max? [Quick Steps]

With these quick steps, you can watch Bookie Season 1 without cable in Canada on Max without any restrictions:

  1. Firstly, subscribe to ExpressVPN’s premium membership.
  2. Then, install the ExpressVPN app on your device.
  3. Link to a USA region server, ideally New York.
  4. Open the Max website.
  5. Look for Bookie Season 1 and enjoy!

Where to Watch Bookie Season 1 Without Cable in Canada?

To catch Season 1 of Bookie without cable in Canada, Max is your go-to streaming platform. Nevertheless, tackling geographical constraints might prove to be an obstacle when trying to watch Bookie Season 1 without cable in Canada on Max, given the platform’s content restrictions.


Max Hub of Entertainment

Fortunately, the robust unblocking features of ExpressVPN offer a remedy by enabling you to circumvent these limitations, eradicating any uncertainties about where to watch Bookie Season 1!

Additionally, with the merger of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, the platform is now known as Max and has significantly expanded its content library. This means that, with ExpressVPN, you can not only stream Bookie but also access the best shows on HBO Max in Canada, as the platform now offers a diverse range of content.

Is There a Free Trial of Max to Watch Bookie Season 1?

By taking advantage of the HBO Max free trial, new members have the opportunity to watch Bookie Season 1 without cable online for free, even in Canada! To avail of the free trial, you have the following options.

Being an Amazon Prime member opens up the chance to experience a free 7-day trial of HBO Max through Prime Channels. Alternatively, you can discover Max’s content by making use of Hulu’s trial.

Following the trial period, should you choose to continue the subscription, the monthly HBO price plan commences at CA$21.72.

What is the Release Date of Bookie Season 1 on Max?

The Bookie Season 1 release date is set for 30th November, 2023. The season will be open for on-demand streaming on the platform, accommodating premium members, but those in Canada will need ExpressVPN to access Max and watch Bookie Season 1.

What is the Storyline of Bookie Season 1?

The Bookie Season 1 storyline follows the darkly humorous tale of seasoned Los Angeles bookie Danny, played by Sebastian Maniscalco.

Facing the potential legalization of sports gambling in California, Danny navigates the challenges alongside his best friend Ray, sister Lorraine, and reformed drug dealer Hector.

The narrative unfolds with Danny contending with unpredictable clients, settling debts, and taking risky bets in his journey to adapt to a changing world, all while using his charm to climb to the top.

Who Stars in Bookie Season 1?

Let’s have a look at the Bookie Season 1 cast members:

Actor Role
Andrea Anders Sandra
Vanessa Ferlito Lorraine
Sebastian Maniscalco Danny
Jorge Garcia Hector
Omar J. Dorsey Ray
Maxim Swinton Anthony
Toby Huss Carl
Bob Clendenin Gregory
C.S. Lee Jack Han
Tara Holt Brook
Christopher Bencomo Lex
Selina Kaye Janelle
Beau Minniear Zach
Danny Woodburn Petey
Stephen Guarino Viggy
Jack Doolan Bobby Knox
Ninja N. Devoe Simone
Brittany Panzer Rhiannon
Michael James Bell Eugene
Rich Grosso Director
Preston Galli Child Fanatic
Jaxon A. Compas Ray Jr.
Christopher Shyer Patrick Ryan
Natasha Hall Yvette
Joanna Sotomura Gabby
Victor Turpin Marco
Alex Lombard Wynona
Ted Ferguson Homeless Roger
Madonna Cacciatore Homeless Person #2
Michael Franklin Homeless Person #3
Stephen Wesley Green Paramedic

How Many Episodes Does Bookie Season 1 Have?

Bookie Season 1 consists of 8 episodes, all of which will be airing in the Canadian region and globally on the Max platform.

Here is the episode breakdown of the upcoming season:

Episode Number Release Date Writers
1 November 30, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay
2 November 30, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay
3 December 7, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay
4 December 7, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay
5 December 14, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay
6 December 14, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay
7 December 21, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay
8 December 21, 2023 Chuck Lorre & Nick Bakay

Is There Any Trailer of Bookie Season 1?

Yes, there is a captivating Bookie Season 1 trailer released by Max on November 8, 2023. The trailer quickly introduces audiences to “the world’s second-oldest profession.”

To watch Bookie Season 1 without cable in Canada on Max, be sure to utilize ExpressVPN to overcome any location restrictions imposed by the service in your area.

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Bookies Season 1 without cable


Yes, you can watch Bookie Season 1 without cable in Canada on Max by utilizing a premium quality VPN like ExpressVPN. This allows you to bypass location restrictions and access content on Max.

Chuck Lorre, renowned for his successes with Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, takes on the roles of director, co-writer, and producer for the Bookie series.

The Bookie Season 1 genre falls under the category of Comedy.

Yes, it is absolutely legal to stream Bookie Season 1 without cable on Max by using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. In fact, with ExpressVPN, you can not only sidestep location restrictions but also protect your online privacy and data.

Wrapping Up

Set in the outskirts of Los Angeles, California, USA, Bookie Season 1 chronicles the challenges of a seasoned bookie navigating the legalization of sports gambling, dealing with volatile clients, and balancing family and work dynamics. The film is set to premiere on November 30, 2023, on MAX.

For those of you looking to watch Bookie Season 1 without cable in Canada on Max, it’s recommended to utilize ExpressVPN for a seamless streaming experience. By employing ExpressVPN, you guarantee uninterrupted access to the season, enhancing your overall viewing satisfaction!