Watch The Masked Singer Season 9 in Canada on Fox TV

Watch The Masked Singer Season 9 in Canada on Fox TV

You’re looking at new contestants, colorful themes, and costumes as you explore how to watch The Masked Singer season in Canada on Fox TV. Expect some twists on the show, which you might have seen during the previous season. The Masked Singer season 9 release date is Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

FOX TV is streamable if you’re within US territories. Due to licensing conditions, it might be challenging for you to access the platform in Canada. You’ll encounter geo-restrictions that prevent you from using Fox TV. Once the channel recognizes your non-Canadian IP address, your device will automatically be blocked.

However, there is a way to avoid these restrictions. You can use a VPN connection like ExpressVPN to generate a new IP address. Once the IP address is assigned to your device, you can easily access the platform. In fact, other content like The Masked Singer Season 9 Fox TV in Canada is also available on the platform.

Watch The Masked Singer Season 9 in Canada on Fox TV – [Quick Guide]

Witness various The Masked Singer season costumes when you binge-watch the show next week. Follow the guide below to learn more about the setup process.

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Where to Watch The Masked Singer Season 9 in Canada?

Get to know more about The Masked Singer Season 9 contestants when you watch the show, which will be available on Fox TV. The platform has been the show’s partner since the first season. If you wish for more series highlights, you can tune in to Fox TV.

Also, you can use an affordable Fox TV subscription plan to easily watch all the content available. You can stream upcoming sports tournaments and matches for free by using Fox TV free trial.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch The Masked Singer Season 9 in Canada on Fox TV?

One needs a VPN to watch The Masked Singer season 9 in Canada on Fox TV due to the geo-blocks imposed by the channel on devices outside America. It will provide valid US IP addresses to bypass the restrictions.

You can watch The Masked Singer season 10 on Fox TV if the producers decide to push through with another season. And using ExpressVPN, Canadian viewers can tune in to watch Best Fox TV Shows.

When Does The Masked Singer Season 9 Premiere in 2023?

Witness The Masked Singer Season 9 unmask themselves when the new season begins on February 15th, 2023. You generally have enough time to set up your VPN to avoid geo-restrictions on your device when the release date comes.

What Network is The Masked Singer Season 9 on?

Fox TV is the official network of The Masked Singer season 9. Generally, the series and all their previous episodes were broadcasted through Fox. When The Masked Singer season date comes, you can check out more highlights from seasons one to nine.

How Does The Masked Singer Season 9 Work?

Before the show determines The Masked Singer season 9 winner, all the celebrities will generally be divided into three groups. This is also the format in season 8. In the upcoming new season, however, singers within the group will compete against their group mates to be King or Queen instead of going against the groups.

There will be one or two contestants eliminated during mid-season. This leaves two other members fighting for the ”Battle Royale.” After three consecutive episodes, each group will have one contestant who moves into the semifinals.

Three semi-finalists will compete before two of them advance to the finals.

Where Masked Singer Season 9 Plot?

There will be lots of singing. The show features all masked contestants who will perform wearing different costumes. Celebrities from social media, singing, acting, sports, and the Broadway world will gather and perform since they’re masked; it’s up to the viewers and judges their identities behind the mask.

Who’s the Host and Panelists of The Masked Singer?

Nick Cannon will return as host for The Masked Singer season 9. Panelists Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, and Nicole Scherzinger will join Cannon in the show.

Who are The Masked Singer Judges For Season 9?

The names mentioned above function as judges and panelists for the ninth season. They are already familiar faces for fans as they have appeared in different seasons of The Masked Singer.

Who are the Guest Judges on The Masked Singer Season 9?

Damar Hamlin is set to appear in the ninth season, but the specific episode has yet to be disclosed. Also, fans can expect more announcements about the additional guest judges as the season progresses.

Why do Fans Love The Masked Singer?

The curiosity about the contestants’ identities will have fans glued to their screens watching The Masked Singer. Of course, their unique costumes are a plus, adding color and fun to the show.

The contestants are diverse, with different professions in the entertainment industry.

What are the New Masked Singer Season 9 Costumes?

The new costumes fans can expect when the new season airs are Mustang, Gnome, and Medusa. Earlier, The Masked Singer Season 9 also announced that Jackalope, Dandelion, California Roll, and Gargoyle costumes would also appear on the show.

Is There Any Trailer For The Masked Singer Season 9?

Yes. The Masked Singer season 9 trailer is about ten to fifteen seconds long, teasing the celebrities’ costumes during the competition. It’s for fans to find out whether they can recognize these celebrity contestants once they don those outfits.

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Marina Toybina is behind the colorful and extravagant costumes you see on The Masked Singer. The 41-year-old designer has won five Emmys in the hit television show and other US reality series.

Yes. The show holds awards from the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Costume Designers Guild Awards, Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards, Guild of Music Supervisors Awards, Gracie Awards, and the Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards.

Yes. The Masked Singer never disappoints in terms of variety, fun, and entertainment. In the series’ ninth season, producers guarantee that it will be worth the time for fans when they binge-watch the episodes.

Wrap Up

An exciting season awaits fans who have been anticipating to watch The Masked Singer Season 9 in Canada on Fox TV. The costumes will be grander, and the contestants are getting more diverse.

Trust your ExpressVPN connection to bypass the restrictions you encounter when using FOX TV in Canada for the first time.