How to Watch Cunk on Earth in Canada on BBC iPlayer

If you enjoy caustic comedy and comic mastery, then watch Cunk on Earth in Canada on BBC iPlayer released on 19 September 2022. ExpressVPN is your key to stream this amazing show on BBC iPlayer in Canada.

BBC iPlayer is a treasure of British streaming content but as you know it is not available in Canada due to its content licensing issues. This is why we suggest our premium VPN which bypasses geo-restrictions. Cunk on Earth follows the hilarious humor that delighted Canadian streamers with Philomena Cunk’s amusing journey.

How to Watch Cunk on Earth in Canada on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

By simply following the quick steps you can watch Cunk on Earth in Canada on BBC iPlayer. These quick steps are:

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Install it on your device once the VPN has completed downloading.
  3. Connect to a UK server; the recommended server is Docklands.
  4. Create a free BBC iPlayer account.
  5. Cunk on Earth may now be easily streamed on BBC iPlayer in Canada.

Note: Do you want to know how much a BBC iPlayer subscription costs? There is no BBC iPlayer membership or registration fee. The only expense you will incur for this premium platform is the UK TV license fee.

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Where Can I Watch Cunk on Earth In Canada?

Watch Cunk on Earth on BBC iPlayer in Canada and watch Philomena Cunk take streamers on a funny mockumentary tour of Earth’s past.

Unblock BBC iPlayer to watch Cunk on Earth in Canada to bypass the limitation using ExpressVPN your pass to continuous cinematic journey.

Get the ultimate streaming experience by watching the best BBC iPlayer show. Cunk on Earth is available on other platforms also like BBC Two and Netflix on your Roku device. BBC iPlayer continues to be the primary platform for the greatest experience.

What is the Release Date of Cunk on Earth on BBC iPlayer?

Cunk on Earth aired on September 19, 2022, on BBC Two. Take a comedy trip through time with Philomena Cunk, and don’t miss a minute of the fun. Make sure to note down the dates! Stream Cunk on Earth on BBC iPlayer for an incredible experience, and start laughing.

How to Watch Cunk on Earth In Canada on BBC iPlayer for Free?

You can stream Cunk on Earth in Canada for free on the BBC iPlayer streaming service. You don’t need to look for a BBC iPlayer free trial or promo code because the platform is free of cost.

Do not delete BBC iPlayer account if you face any geo-restrcition error. Watch the lovely documentary series for free in Canada by using ExpressVPN to access the BBC iPlayer website.

What is the Plot of Cunk on Earth?

Cunk on Earth is the British mockumentary television series that follows hilarious comedy that delights Canadian streamers with the hilarious journey of Philomena Cunk, played by the talented Diane Morgan, through the ages.

Cunk’s joyful ignorance is on display as she explores several historical eras, from the primordial to the current, in this series of mockumentaries. Her hilariously incorrect interpretation of events and people gives well-known stories a welcome dose of comedy, giving Canadian streamers a wonderful and enjoyable perspective on Earth’s rich past.

Canadian streamers can expect a comedic twist on historical truths as Cunk stumbles through the past; each episode unveils a new aspect of our common human narrative. Cunk on Earth meaning is a hilarious combination of two vulgar terms that describe her as stupid and foolish.

Who is in the Cast of Cunk on Earth?

Cunk on Earth cast brings a hilarious and engaging historical investigation to the screen with the help of a group of Cunk on Earth experts led by Diane Morgan as the endearingly naive Philomena Cunk.

Real Name Character Name
Diane Morgan Philomena Cunk
Jim Al-Khalili Self-Professor of Public Engagement in Science, University of Surrey
Shirley J. Thompson Self – Composer
Douglas Hedley Self – Professor of the Philosophy of Religion, University of Cambridge
Brian Klaas Self – Associate Professor in Global Politics, University College London
Ashley Jackson Self-Professor of Imperial and Military History, King’s College London
Nigel Spivey Self – Senior Lecturer in Classics (Classical Art and Archaeology), University of Cambridge
Ruth Adams Self-Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Creative Industries, King’s College London
John Man Self – Historian
Paul Bahn Author, The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art
Kate Cooper Self-Professor of History Royal Holloway, University of London
Martin Andrews Self – Printing Historian
Martin Kemp Self – Professor Emeritus of the History of Art, University of Oxford
Jonathan Ferguson Self – Keeper of Firearms and Artillery, Royal Armouries
Irving Finkel Self-Assistant Keeper of Ancient Mesopotamian Script, British Museum
Gus Casely-Hayford Self – Director, V&A East
Anu Ojha Self – Director, UK National Space Academy
Patricia Fara Self – Historian of Science, University of Cambridge
Laura Ashe Self – Professor of Medieval Literature, History and Culture, University of Oxford
Sara Taglialagamba Self – Leonardo Da Vinci Expert and Scholar, Da Vinci Museum, Florence
Eleanor Robson Self-Professor of Ancient Middle Eastern History, University College London
Aleksander Kolkowski Self – Research Associate, Science Museum, London
Joyce Tyldesley Self – Professor of Egyptology, University of Manchester
Lyndsay Coo Self-Senior Lecturer in Ancient Greek Language and Literature, University of Bristol
Kieran Hodgson B8-Hoven
Shahjadha Asghar Jesus Christ
John Goldup Galileo
Ads Odedra Crusader
Deip Patel Crusader
Adrian Woolmer Crusader
Darryl Smith Crusader

How many Episodes does Cunk on Earth have?

There are five episodes in all of Cunk on Earth, and you can see them all on BBC iPlayer. The episodes are broken down as follows:

Episode No.  Episode Name Released Date  Synopsis 
Episode 1 In the Beginnings 19 Sep 2022 Philomena Cunk travels around the world in search of the oldest acts done by humans where she climbs up high-rising mountains and explores through caverns.
Episode 2 War(s) of the World(s)? 20 Sep 2022 Philomena Cunk narrates the two founders of two of the major world religions and brings forth the circumstances responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire, Dark Age, and the Crusades as well as the rise of Genghis Khan.
Episode 3 Rise of the Machines 20 Sep 2022 It is a documentary that may attract an award about Philomena Cunk who investigates the Renaissance and revolutions as well as the American one.
Episode 4 The Renaissance Will Not Be Televised 20 Sep 2022 The show presents a view of Cunk at how science and trade came up with the most convenient period but with risk to life that exists in the globe.
Episode 5 Faith/Off 20 Sep 2022 Philomena Cunk puts an end to her detailed history of mankind that runs up to the present time period.

Is there any Trailer of Cunk on Earth?

Yes, Explore the universe of Cunk on Earth by watching the official BBC trailer. This trailer seems like a fun trip through history, led by the charmingly naive Philomena Cunk. Prepare yourself for a good dose of comedy as Cunk uses her distinct and hilarious flair to attack the past. Watch the Cunk on Earth Official trailer on BBC: 

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Cunk on Earth


Parents should be aware that Cunk on Earth is a parody documentary on human history produced in Britain that is meant for an adult audience. It humorously discusses and displays violent historical events together with various weaponry, including firearms and guillotines.
Crude allusions are used throughout, and nudity (and, in one instance, a sexual act) is depicted in historical objects and classic artwork. And swearing (“s–t,” “f–k”). Check out the Cunk on Earth reviews before streaming the series.

The greatest of it is so nasty that it veers between being hurting and humorous, but most of it is funny. Every episode of Cunk on Earth is fast-paced and entertaining, providing us with just the right amount of goofy comedy each time. The shows are a fantastic way to break up a more serious watching evening.

Diane appears in breathtaking settings like castles, prehistoric caverns, and several other historically significant locales in order to maintain the genre’s traditional aesthetic. The scenes are nonetheless stunning, akin to what you might see in an opulent documentary series, even though there are some green screens used (and laughed about).

Yes, She is interviewing with real experts. Not in an ambush or rude manner like in an interview with “Borat.” These professionals are excellent at sports and are aware of comedy.
Though Cunk may make ill-informed remarks and ask perplexing questions, experts, and scholars such as history professor Joyce Tyldesley and composer Dr. Shirley Thompson respond honestly, openly, and patiently.

Yes, using a VPN to watch Cunk on Earth is entirely legal in Canada. Since a VPN just enables you to get over geographical limitations and protect your online privacy, using it to stream premium British mockumentaries from other locations is not prohibited.

Wrapping Up

A dependable VPN like ExpressVPN makes it possible to watch Cunk on Earth in Canada on BBC iPlayer. With the use of a VPN, you can easily get around geo-restrictions and enjoy Philomena Cunk’s humorous historical adventure.

The program promises to be a great streaming experience because of its unique combination of comedy and sarcasm. To ensure you get the most out of your hilarious journey, don’t forget to watch Philomena Cunk on Earth. So get ready, open your VPN, and enjoy the Wolf Hall streaming in Canada.